Friday, December 31, 2010

prague at night*布拉格夜景篇

why did i choose prague as my first destination?
let these pictures tell you. :)

Palladium, a shopping mall very near to our hotel. it represents the modern side of prague. :) and this is the place where we got our daily supper and snacks. :P

the Petrin Lookout Tower, built in the 1800s. 299 steps, and breathtaking view of prague. :) located in a landscaped gardens on Petrin Hill, one of the best places to have snow fight in prague! heehee.

view of prague castle from the Petrin Lookout Tower. amazing.

the astronomical clock, located near the old town square. there's a viewing tower on top of that too.

view from the astronomical clock tower, with st. nicholas church on the left. sorry for the bad angle. :p

a photo that i have posted in the last post. view of the old town square (yes, this is the place jolin sings about!) from the astronomical clock tower. it's christmas market going on, with nice food and friendly people! heehee!

a LED angel decoration in the old town square.

at around 5pm, stepped out of the metro station,
the first impression of prague was, wow. astonishing.
with slight snow that time, prague was amazingly beautiful!
i came to the right place, i told myself.

that's all for now, more photos to come!

p/s - i have decided to upload the large size photos, to give you a better view. :p at the same time, sorry for the bad quality of photos okay? still learning mah! heeeheeeee!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

feliz navidad!

ahoy everybody! just came back from Prague, Czech Republic yesterday.
i like it a lot! and i think i will be back again! (if i have a chance. hehe.)

haven't really sort the pictures out yet. will do it soon. hehehe. one of it to share -

view of the Prague Old Town Square from the Astronomical Clock Tower. :D


p/s - sorry for abandoning my blog for quite some time. :( will try to update more frequently soon! :D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

thank you. 一切很美,只因有你。

thanks papa, mama and gor gors.
thanks for your patience, and always being there for me, no matter what.
thanks for your tolerance, thanks for everything.
you are the best gifts of my life.

thanks ahmuk lee, simsim ter, yinyin low and meimei ter.
thanks for being there for me throughout these long 7 years.
i know we haven't been meeting each other frequently, but the friendship is still strong.

thanks to all people who was and is involved in my life.
thanks for teaching me how to live my life.
i can't be who i am now, if life's without you.

this is the first birthday of mine spent in the UK. a mixture of feelings.
but this is my 21st, how i wish i am at home with my family and beloved ones.
well, i know that life goes on no matter what. :)

thanks to everyone who is involved in my life throughout these 21 years.
a year older, i will be a year wiser. i promise. :)

i wish all to be in pink of health always. loves.

thank you.

p/s - 生日前一天,我在走路去上课的路途中摔了一跤。希望衰运全被摔走了。and thanks. u know who you are. :)

[Photo taken by Diana+ loaded with Fuji Provia 100F, medium format, cross processed.]

Friday, November 12, 2010





recent update:
courseworks are killing me, yes and this is why i am not updating oftenly. :(
went to the Bonfire in Nottingham last week. here's one of the fireworks picture im happy with.

erm, taken without tripod (i put my camera on top of a rubbish bin), not a perfect shot, but i like it. :)

p/s - 那天,爸爸说他每天都会想念他的宝贝女儿,让我真的哽咽了一下。

[Both photos taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1.]

Friday, October 29, 2010


i have been really really busy these days.
projects, assignments and courseworks. (and dramas as well. oops.)

i am sorry that i didn't update my blog as usual as i used to. :(
and guess what, i haven't even start researching for photolabs who do film processing around nottingham. sigh, anybody can give me any guidance?

went to the cheshire oak designer outlet last week and had really great fun shopping there. lol. do not ask how much i have spent there, please.
here is one of the photos taken in the i-don't-know-where-is-it train station, named Stockport. lol.

and this train station comes with a platform number zero. yea, zero.
we thought we were supposed to bang the column in order to board the train, like the harry potter does. lol. non sense. but i was really surprised to see a platform zero. hahaha or maybe im just one of the kampung girl who hasn't done exploring the UK. lol.

recently i got really really addicted into Tanya Tsai's album, 抛物线. yea, i know it's not a new album, but still, it's super nice. hahaha. now i understand why she won the best female singer in taiwan. her songs are just, heart-touching.

aaaah. random much. lol.

p/s - don't think about only me, reverse the 'm' and think about we. yea, im annoyed by selfish people recently. lol.

(Photo taken by Olympus PEN E-PL1)

Friday, October 8, 2010

lomography pop 9

i used to think that the multi-lens lomo cameras are kinda, erm, not too interesting.
that time ss family (my very best friends!) was having this multi-lens fever where lee ahmuk decided to buy a supersampler and ter simsim decided to buy the actionsampler.
so i thought, why not i give a try, since i was having some piggies to spend and i oni needed to top up a small amount.
so i chosen the POP-9!
kia su mah, both supersampler and actionsampler only have 4 lens, while pop9 has 9! lol.
since the black one looks really ugly, i bought the gold one instead. :D

even though the results were not as mesmerizing as the LC-A+ or Holga use to give, but i swear that Pop-9 is the most fun and interesting lomo camera i have ever had. seriously.

one of my favourite shots -

lesson of the story -
do not frame yourself. why not stand out of the circle and give yourself more choices? this is my current point of view for my future career. hahaha.

spent quite a lot of pounds recently in getting some stuffs. aiks,seriously wanna save for a new mattress, this current old one is causing me backache. :( and why mattresses are so expensive in the UK? all of them are at least £100 or more. sigh. and i want a new coat so i have a bit of variety (im wearing the same one to class daily), i want Uniqlo's heattech tees to keep me warm, i want the zara's ankle boots and anya hindmarch's tote bag.

lol okay. i shall be really really disciplined not to over spend. no shopping, no shopping.

p/s - the priority of mine when im in UK isn't my studies, but meals i have everyday. whenever im free, i'd be thinking of what to eat for next meal. =.=||| please do not ask me my weight.

p/s again - peer pressure is killing me. arghhhhh.

(Photo taken by Lomography Pop-9 loaded with Agfa Precisa CT 100, cross processed.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

living my life, in the UK.

hello everybody.
no i did not forget my blog, of course. :)
spent almost three weeks for settling down, and i am still at the settling down stage. lol.

well, UK is good.
i was very impressed by the civic consciousness that the UK people have.

classes have started. as the chinese saying goes, things are tough at the beginning.
i'm trying my very best to adapt. aiks.

haven't been to many places in the UK tho.
to be precise, i have only been to the nottingham city and birmingham. lol.
nottingham city is boring (i think) and birmingham is heaven for me. (my friends said because i have not seen london yet.)

a sneak peak of photos taken in birmingham :)

departure. taken in broadmarsh. :D this is not in birmingham tho. it's nottingham. haha.

one of my favourite photos.

contradiction of modern and traditional architecture. the bullring and st martin's church.

st martin's. taken from the ground level. :)

the bullring market.

(all photos taken with Olympis E-PL1, 16:9 format, some with pinhole art filter.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010







仁 走了......



(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Lomography Redscale XR 50-200.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010





p/s - less than a week time and i will be in UK edi. a mixture of feelings. but i know i will survive! :)

(Photo taken by DianaMini loaded with Fuji 200, half frame mode.)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

happy birthday, Malaysia!

(Photo by Holga 135BC loaded with Lomography X-Pro Slide 100, cross processed.)

it's the 53rd Independence Day of Malaysia's.
i still remember during school time, we were taught to love Malaysia, we were taught to live in harmony.
still remember how excited we were, decorating our classrooms with Jalur Gemilang during August every year? (lol, i did, really.)

but now, as i grow up, i realized that things are pretty different.
however, i really hope Malaysia could REALLY get rid of racism, as what 1Malaysia has suggested.

then, i can proudly say that us Malaysians live in a multi-racial society, peacefully when im UK. :)


rakyat refers to us, ALL malaysians right? so people, stop the racism. all races tolerate and contribute to the country, it's undeniable, so stop the uncivilized act.

(Photo by Olympus PEN E-PL1 with Pinhole art filter.)

p/s - and happy birthday to Mr. Wong Wai Kiat, who shares the same birthday with Malaysia! :D

Monday, August 30, 2010


(taken by LC-A+ loaded with Agfa APX 400, black and white processed.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home of the Day by jhen89

after 2 years plus of lomography, finally.....

Home of the Day! 17.08.2010

Home of the Day by jhen89
"She seems to be gazing at the sky more often these days, anticipating something magical would happen. And with her Lomo LC-A, it’s impossible to miss anything!"

thanks LSI for the home of the day award. and the 50 Piggies. :D
now my dream came true. getting the diana mini white soon! hooooraaaaaaaaay!


p/s - i didn't know i got this until i found some of the lomographers congratulating me on my lomohome. lol!

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Agfa CT Precisa 100, cross processed.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010






p/s - 不哭不哭,还有一个月才飞。不哭不哭,出国深造是一件好事!我要努力考个first class光宗耀祖。哈哈哈。

(Photo by Diana+ loaded with Fuji Provia 100F, medium format, cross processed.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

from the ground level.

is so much fun! :)

lomography is getting more and more popular these days. lol.
yes, it means more and more people are sharing the lomo fun.
and more people to 'jio' for buying films in bulk. XD

will be making an order in to get high ISO films. anybody has anything to buy?
if u are interested in slide films too, let me know. i have a list and maybe we can buy them in a bulk?
let me know. :)

jom, let's lomo!

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Sensia 200, cross processed.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

goodbye joe, he gotta go, me oh my oh.

Jambalaya by the Carpenters is the song keeps running in my head now.
yes, it's a nice and relaxing song. search it on youtube if you are interested. lol.

well, flight is booked, VISA is done, the date of departure is coming so soon. :(
it's less than 2 months now.
friends asked if i feel emo to leave. well, it was my decision to transfer to the UK, i know clearly about all these, so i can only say i have no regrets. :)

PC Fair was last week and i finally bought my lovely oly pen pen. lol. yes, i meant the Olympus PEN E-PL1. it was kinda expensive, but its performance did not disappoint me, luckily. phew. some sample shots i have taken with my pen pen -

my first trial with water drop photography. didn't have any supporting lights at the back, so i had to take this really brightly to avoid the shadows. it's still a noob shot, lol. will definitely try again!

p/s - analogue and digital, i love both now. :)

(1st photo taken by UWS loaded with Kodak 100VS, cross processed.
2nd and 3rd taken by Olympus PEN E-PL1, in 16:9 format.)

*i really love the 16:9 :D

*son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the bayou*

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

something new.

a few months back, ahmuk bought me a micro 110 holga from thailand.
she also bought me 2 rolls of 110 films for it.
it's not hard to get a micro 110 holga in malaysia, but it's extremely hard to get the 110 film. lol. im just so lucky that she bought me 2 rolls of negatives. :)

even though shots taken aren't as attractive as slides taken with other cameras.
but still, i'm really happy seeing those pictures.
just because i'm one of the lucky ones to try out this camera. wahaha.
thanks ahmuk.

here are some shots to share -

for the full album, it's here

p/s - leaving to UK in less than 2 months time. kawan-kawan, please find me yamcha? lol.

(Photos taken by Micro 110 Holga loaded with Kodak 400.)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

desire vs reality

recently my friends and i often get into this topic while we are chatting.
the desire. and the reality.
desire doesn't only include dreams, but it also cover the hopes, wishes and expectations as well.
dreams are big, hopes are great, wishes are good and expectations are high.
but the reality always hit them down. just too bad. :(

i think this is when good characteristics play their roles.
we need determination to carry on, motivation to burn the spirit, toleration to understand the situation, etc etc.
and finally, it's about faith.
i always believe that if we have faith in ourselves, nothing is impossible.
just like before the Wright brothers invented aeroplanes, who ever agree that flying is possible?
they must had HUGE faith in themselves. lol.

don't restrain yourselves from dreaming BIG. we only live once, there's no second chance for you to dream.
and if you have found your desire, have faith in yourselves and work towards it.
make your desire a winner of reality instead of a victim of reality.

now, what is your desire? or what are your desires? :)


love the convocation scene in 'Drumline' where the principal tells,
'Always believe that, YOU CAN FLY!'.

p/s - thanks to leeahmuk who made me tak boleh tahan, at last i bought a pop9 gold. not with me yet, will be collecting it from her next week. my next lomography desire - Diana Mini White. im writing articles in to get more piggies! :) anyway, im selling my dianaF+ (without flash) and Fuji Instax Mini 7s, please leave a message if you are interested. why? because i think i can't be able to bring them to UK and why not sharing the lomo fun? PC Fair is near and i hope to get my pen pen soon. muahahaha!

(Photo by Fuji Instax Mini 7s, sharpness edited with's picnik.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


'Departures', known as 'おくりびと' in japanese, was the (japanese, of course) movie i have watched last few days, alone, and got touched.
this movie was the winner of 2009 academy award for best foreign language movie.
this movie didn't make me cry like i did for 'Echoes of the Rainbows'.
but it led me into thoughts for a few days.

what is death for u?
a lost? an end? a relief?
or is it a gain? a start? a pain?
we know that death is a definite event of life, but how should we face it?
this movie really changed my point of views for death.
u got to watch this movie to feel what i feel. :)

besides that, i learn to appreciate people around me more, after watching this movie.
appreciate them, before they are gone, forever.
what can be worse than death?
it's time to think, and to put down those hatred, jealousy and greed.

after all, it's really an excellent movie.
one point to mention - music of the movie was composed and arranged by Joe Hisaishi.
beautiful music by Joe Hisaishi

this is the theme song of 'Departures', instrumental version. if u want the vocal version of the song, just search for 'AI - Okuribito' in youtube.

Love pierces the heart
More so than any knife
And then saying "Let's meet again some day"...


will i be missed if i die someday?
appreciate people around u, my friends. :)

p/s - im sorry if this post sounds really sad. lol. i just wanted to introduce this good movie to u. :) and i realized that movies with slower pace are more suitable for me. lol.

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Kodak EBX 100, cross processed.)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happiness in life.

life recently is good.
passionate is the best word to describe the current me.
see the description i wrote for myself on the left.
lomography, marching bands, wind orchestra.
what could be better than having all three of them during my summer break?

lomography is one of the hobbies i picked up during my early university days. it's been around 2 years, i think? and im still loving it. :) ask me how many cameras do i have now. and i am still considering to expand the collection. muahaha.

marching bands and wind orchestra. i've skipped the national competition for two years and last week, i drove all the way to shah alam alone, to watch this year's national competition. (and luckily it was held in selangor this time.) found back my love and interest for marching bands. awww. i remember ahmuk and i promised each other that we will both travel to the states one day to watch DCI Championship. haha.

erm, no i don't hate my studies. i love the course that i'm doing.
civil engineering is my dream since form 4. and i proved my passion for it through my results. HAHA.
yay, first class! :P

even though boredom strikes, once in a while during this summer break,
but i'm still feeling happy. this is the happiest summer break ever? haha.
with him, best buddies, lomo and bands around. awwww. how nice.



love what you choose,choose what you love.
now i know, happiness is all about love. :)

p/s - gonna go for Nanta Cookin' show with my bffs on this saturday! wohoho! that's why i said, life's so good now.

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Velvia 100F, cross processed.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

music and i

i'm always glad that i was given a chance to have so so much exposures about music.
well, i used to take piano lesson, but wasn't really determined about it. :(
i was a percussionist years back during the band days, but i have only limited skills, i think. lol.
even though i'm a poor musician, but i do appreciate music. :)
string orchestra, wind orchestra, chamber music, ensemble, marching band, vocal music etc etc. i love them all.


p/s - just realized how unbearable a person's personality can be. aiks. however, this reminds me to appreciate my true friends more. :)

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Astia 100F, cross processed.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

a feather duster.


no doubt. this is a feather duster.

erm. let's see how many serious readers i have here.
let me know what do you feel of this photo by leaving me a comment, please?

p/s - boredom kills, seriously. :(

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Agfa APX 400, black and white processed.)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

passion and memories.

attended the St Mary's School Band 1st concert last saturday.
i burst into tears during the encore pieces.
flashbacks of those days kept playing in my mind.
my seniors, juniors and bandmates of my batch,
the practices, parades and performances,
the tears, sweats and joy,
the obstacles, passion, and teamwork.
all of these kept playing in my mind during the concert.
i felt really touched when i came to realize that the band has gone this far.
the girls have made it. they have made the school and the ex-members proud.

as the saying goes,
rome wasn't built in one day.
years back, st mary's band was still a band that people would look down on.
but now, the band has got much better.
the band didn't just improve in a blink of eye. it was the passion and efforts by all the members throughout these years.
and not to forget our dedicated instructor, Mr. Sunny Hoh.
Sir, 7 years ago you came to take over the band. there were ups and downs throughout these 7 years. even i myself have thought of giving up. but u never.
u even encouraged us to carry on.
we are glad that we have you, for these 7 years, sir.
i'm here to express my appreciation to all members of the band and Mr. Sunny Hoh, thanks for bringing me such a wonder night, a walk down my memory lane.

and thanks, for bringing back my passion.
life is so wonderful if we are living with passion. :)

congratulations St Mary's School Band!
one peak conquered! let's achieve another higher peak.
us ex-members will always be with u.
anyway, ex-members, something is cooking, please join THIS.
please leave your emails and contact numbers in the discussion board so i can send out my proposal to u ASAP.
a tough challenge is awaiting, but i have faith and passion.
and i hope u too. :)


a walk down my memory lane.

p/s - when i received the sms from sir on saturday midnight, i almost burst into tears again. thanks mr. sunny. thanks. salute! :)

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Agfa APX 400, black and white processed.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010




there are blank moments in one's life, and that is the transitional period. i console myself.
there are challenges in one's life, and that is the determination period. i motivate myself.


the sun sets, then rises. and it sets again.
still, life goes on no matter what right? :)

i'm currently learning how to let go things.
especially anger.
i need more positive energy. :)

*determination period means the period where determination is needed the most. lol. i kno, bad translation, i kno.

p/s - as i kno, results will be out like, reaaaaaaaaaaaal soon. i admit, i did not do well in the exams. my bad my bad. :( anyway, the Olympus PEN E-PL1 is on the top of my wishlist now. ish. this little micro four thirds camera is poisonous!

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Astia 100, cross processed.)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day!

dear papa,

Happy Father's Day.
i ❤ you.

here's a song for u, my superman (无敌铁金刚) papa!

不论有多少困难 让我通通吃掉
总有一天 我会得到力量

thanks for the words of encouragement when im uncertain.
thanks for always believing in me and my decisions.
thanks for always forgiving me when im wrong.
thanks for everything, papa. :)


papa and mama.

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Agfa ProPack 200.)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


heard Simon Yam (任达华) on myfm just now.
he quoted one of the very meaningful sentences from the movie, Echoes of the Rainbow (岁月神偷).

"to live, we must believe...." he said.

true enough.

when u feel obstacles are hitting u down,
or life just doesn't seem to be going your way,
always remember this quote.
we must believe, to live on.
just believe in yourselves. :)
because we are not gonna live once more again.




(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Sensia 200, cross processed.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

united and strong.

i remember someone once asked me, why did u choose civil engineering?
for me, teamwork is one of the reasons. :)
my involvement in school band during high school actually made a huge contribution in this.
the SMK St. Mary's school band was not really good.
in fact, the condition was really kinda bad when i first joined.
imagine having only 7 to 9 members attended the holiday practices. do u call that bad? :P
oh well, im still glad that i was part of the team.
during our time, the committees worked really hard to get whatever was possible.
we joined competitions even though we knew we sucked (so badly), we went for national day parade march pasts, we attended lessons, music exchange sessions, training camps etc etc.
of course, we got hit down by obstacles too sometimes.
to maintain a band is hard, moreover, we were trying to improve it.
when we were on the verge of giving up, our coach, told us not to.
he encouraged us to carry on. and we did. :)
when i left the band, the band really improved, i wouldn't say a lot, but they really improved.

sometimes im thankful that i joined the band. because i've learnt a lot.
i've learnt how to maximize my determination when i encounter tough situations.
and most importantly, i learnt to play in a team.
or in other words, i learnt to appreciate the beauty of teamwork. :)
flutes, clarinets, saxophones, horns, trumpets, euphoniums, trombones and tubas having different tunes and tones, playing their respective scores, and by combining them, a beautiful piece of music is produced.
amazing, i think.

for construction, the same theory applies.
no single engineer is able to build a building alone.

'united and strong',
this is the first line of our school song.
yes, get united and strong.
you will be amazed by teamwork.


'united and strong'

nevertheless, my involvement in school band has brought me a group of really good friends. :)

p/s - the girls are gonna have their first concert ever! 26th June 2010, 8p.m, St. Mary's school hall. anybody interested to tag along? let me know. :)

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Lomo X-Pro 100, cross processed.)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Echoes of the Rainbow*岁月神偷

最后,在朋友再度介绍之下,买了DVD 来看。






在此送上电影主题曲和片段。 :)

不回想 不回答
不回憶 不回眸

p/s - im sorry for all my readers who don't read chinese. basically this is a post regarding the movie, "Echoes of the Rainbow" that i've watched yesterday. I truly recommend this movie. It's a simple movie, but will lead you to think in a great depth. As said in the movie, 'in this unpredictable life, time, no doubt is the biggest thief...'. =)



(Photo by Holga 135BC loaded with Lomo X-Pro 100, cross processed.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

life has an absolute*生命有一种绝对



life's pretty good recently. because slacking is the only thing i do. :P

oh well, did a lil research on digital cameras. Olympus PEN E-PL1 is really awesome! will try to get one before going UK. but since it's really expensive, i don't put much hopes on it. if i couldn't get one, im still happy to stick with my lomo cameras. kakaka.

for lomography, my latest desires are the Diana Mini and Olympus mjμ-II. an used Olympus mjμ-II (with remote control) only costs RM199 in lowyat forum. aaaa. the deal is really tempting. well well, if im a super rich woman, i would love to get the Fuji Instax Mini 25 too. lighter in weight and better in focus compared to my current 7S.
oh well, i won't be buying any cameras these few months. :( im broke. and if i have money, it would be fund for the E-PL1.

oh well. did i tell u that mayday's concert was really awesome? ahmuk, sim, yin and i really enjoyed ourselves. :)
between, u should try listening to Yen-J (严爵). a talented young singer.

p/s - lisa ono is awesome too! aaaaaa. what's more perfect than listening to lisa ono alone,with a glass of wine? eh no. i don't drink at home. :P

(Photo by Holga 135 BC loaded with Lomo X-Pro 100, cross processed.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010




"最怕空氣突然安靜 最怕朋友突然的關心
最怕回憶 突然翻滾絞痛著 不平息
最怕突然 聽到你的消息
最怕此生 已經決心自己過 沒有你 卻又突然 聽到你的消息",阿信唱。




p/s - 叮当的唱功真的不是普通的利害,她和阿信合唱《拥抱》竟然让我起鸡皮疙瘩。另外,《倔强》也让我想起了中学时期为了铜乐队而坚持的那一段过去。《憨人》,《志明与春娇》让我发现,五月天的歌,陪我渡过了很多岁月。谢谢你们,五月天。还有,五月天那3位和音老师也真的很厉害!

p/s again - 认真的男人,真的很帅。阿信,真的很有魅力。啊~~~~怎么可以那么帅?哈哈哈。其实其他团员也不赖。

p/s again and again - 我真的从《突然好想你》的那一段走出来了。现在,还是《天使》比较适合我?哈哈哈哈。阿信真的是名副其实的摇滚诗人。

p/s again and again and again (haha) - 最近有几位朋友都因为感情问题而陷入低潮,朋友们啊,
"你值得真正的快乐 你应该脱下你穿的保护色
为什麼失去了 还要被惩罚呢
能不能就让 悲伤全部 结束在此刻 重新开始活著"


N97mini 拍的(没有拍得很好,请原谅。):