Wednesday, August 4, 2010

something new.

a few months back, ahmuk bought me a micro 110 holga from thailand.
she also bought me 2 rolls of 110 films for it.
it's not hard to get a micro 110 holga in malaysia, but it's extremely hard to get the 110 film. lol. im just so lucky that she bought me 2 rolls of negatives. :)

even though shots taken aren't as attractive as slides taken with other cameras.
but still, i'm really happy seeing those pictures.
just because i'm one of the lucky ones to try out this camera. wahaha.
thanks ahmuk.

here are some shots to share -

for the full album, it's here

p/s - leaving to UK in less than 2 months time. kawan-kawan, please find me yamcha? lol.

(Photos taken by Micro 110 Holga loaded with Kodak 400.)

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