Thursday, November 18, 2010

thank you. 一切很美,只因有你。

thanks papa, mama and gor gors.
thanks for your patience, and always being there for me, no matter what.
thanks for your tolerance, thanks for everything.
you are the best gifts of my life.

thanks ahmuk lee, simsim ter, yinyin low and meimei ter.
thanks for being there for me throughout these long 7 years.
i know we haven't been meeting each other frequently, but the friendship is still strong.

thanks to all people who was and is involved in my life.
thanks for teaching me how to live my life.
i can't be who i am now, if life's without you.

this is the first birthday of mine spent in the UK. a mixture of feelings.
but this is my 21st, how i wish i am at home with my family and beloved ones.
well, i know that life goes on no matter what. :)

thanks to everyone who is involved in my life throughout these 21 years.
a year older, i will be a year wiser. i promise. :)

i wish all to be in pink of health always. loves.

thank you.

p/s - 生日前一天,我在走路去上课的路途中摔了一跤。希望衰运全被摔走了。and thanks. u know who you are. :)

[Photo taken by Diana+ loaded with Fuji Provia 100F, medium format, cross processed.]

Friday, November 12, 2010





recent update:
courseworks are killing me, yes and this is why i am not updating oftenly. :(
went to the Bonfire in Nottingham last week. here's one of the fireworks picture im happy with.

erm, taken without tripod (i put my camera on top of a rubbish bin), not a perfect shot, but i like it. :)

p/s - 那天,爸爸说他每天都会想念他的宝贝女儿,让我真的哽咽了一下。

[Both photos taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1.]