Saturday, July 26, 2008


ish. my name is actually in for the Liason Officers of KLWMBC.
ish. I'm going to take care of Chomsorang Uthpatham Marching Band, Thailand.
ish. They are arriving tomorrow.
ish. I'm going back Pahang later and I'll need to rush to KLIA tomorrow evening.
ish. among my friends, I work for the longest duration.
ish. but then I earned most $$.
ish. ah muk and sim got HK band.
ish. desmond got singapore band.
ish. my mom is so very worry about me.
ish. I wont be updating my blog from 27 July 2008 till 6 August 2008.
ish. I will be bringing my lomo with me. just wanna shoot shoot shoot.
ish. now I have to go back Pahang liao.
ish. bye.
ish. muacks muacks.
ish. miss ya!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jhen is in love..

jhen.the.lomographer is in love now...
with who?
you should ask with what instead.
scroll down if you're interested.

owh. lovely isn't it?
I'm now currently so very in love with my Holga 135 BC.
hahaha. I know some of you might pop up with this statement -
"Cheh. I can do it with my photoshop."
Haha. But it's another experience when you try and take this type of photos manually. =)

Holga 135 BC. I'm gonna feed you with Agfa Pro Pack and Lomographic X-Pro soon!

to my readers, will be coming up with more photos soon! =)


ah muk and ah sim and desmond the cinamond [LOL!]
they have their names in the L.O. list for KLWMBC!
they told desmond my name is not in YET.
"need to wait..."
ish. if they have told me earlier about this,
I wouldn't reject the job offer for PC Fair.
I just rejected the job last week. T.T
and I see money flying away.
anyone would like to sponsor me for Fuji Velvia?
RM93+ for 10 rolls.
please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
and my pre-UG shopping list? hancur.
all because of you damn KLWMBC. LOL!

and the well known Serena from Pioneer Century Sdn. Bhd. [all notts should know who is this great woman.]
emailed me about I got a RM600 room.
Single Ensuite Bathroom with Air-Cond.
no. I'm not happy.
my first choice was RM440 single room.
and 2nd choice was RM410 single room.
might be considering about moving out. ish.
but petrol is now RM2.70 per liter. wow.

aiks. why life has to be this difficult?
especially when I'm not earning, but keep spending.
I DO FEEL GUILTY lor, okay?
okay okay. gonna think about what to 'present' for my financial discussion with my parents.
LOL. just joking.

what I can do?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


empty seats.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

another lomographic to share.

taken with my fisheye 2
film used - Agfa Pro Pack 24 exp.
the place is somewhere around PJ. nearby DUMC. hehe.
argh! imagine how good it will be if this is taken with slide films and cross processed. >.<
will be loading slides into my holga soon. hopefully I will get good outcome. =)

anyway. went and got my hair dyed today.
the last time I dyed my hair was the day after my SPM.
the colour was dark gold.
but this time...
ngiek ngiek..
reddish bronze. =)


kinda happy with this colour. muahaha.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Long exposures.

a few weeks ago, I tried long exposures with my Fisheye 2.

Jhen's first try......

erm. this isn't good enough for me. too little light. LOL.
okay okay.

Jhen's next try...

erm erm erm. this is slightly better. but not the best. hehe.

okay. I said I have another photo to amaze you right?
now let me show you the most satisfied shot of mine for the last roll of films....

drum roll.................

and roll.............
the lights are amazing right? you got to agree with me.
but if you disagree, just let me syok sendiri lor, okay? =)

my next try?
slide films. =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

what the...

went and collected my photos today.
the roll which I loaded into my Holga 135 BC.
damn it. now I'm worried.
it's my loading problem? or the camera's problem?
argh! i will load another roll of Agfa Pro Pack into my holga and i will see.
but there're still some of the photos from my fisheye which surprised me.
one of it-

very obviously this was taken in Asia Jaya LRT station. =.=
this photo isn't nice enough?
I got another photo to amaze you. but not now. XD

okay. if you ask me about my holga.
I'm still very de sad about it. ish. T.T
okay, as what JS told me, this is lomography.
trial and error. =.=

okay. dad came home as the champion for his club's golf tournament.
he brought back a Panasonic Lumix FS3 + Tripod + 2G Panasonic SD Card + Leather Case for the cam + Camera Strap.
and one trophy and two bracelets [neh those for sports one.]
so this was the conversation -

Jhen : Pa~ you so geng neh! champion! can I have the tripod a? I can use with my holga.
Mr. Seah : take lah take lah.
Jhen : then papa, I help you explore about the camera lah!*
Mr. Seah : nah, take the camera lah!
Jhen : huh? you mean you're giving it to me ar?
Mr. Seah : yala.
Jhen : don't want lah. i shy shy neh. [i really said so] you use it la.
Mr. Seah : I got one Nikon edi mah. since you don't have a digicam, bring that around with you lah. but you buy your own memory card. I want that 2G.
Jhen : okay! no problem! HEHEHEHEHEHE....

*I always help 'exploring' all the gadgets at my home and I will teach my parents how to use it.

at night...
Mr. Seah : eh. the camera is given to you, jaga baik baik a.
Jhen : of course!
Mr. Seah : I brought that back with all my tears and sweats one ler.
Jhen : ok promise! =)

omg. now I forgot about the holga's thingy edi.
even though it's not the perfect camera in my mind.
but I'm still happy. =)
thanks papa! muacks muacks.


yesterday I went Dataran Merdeka for KLWMBC training.
no, I wasn't very tired.
What we did was just walking. =.=
some photos to prove that I attended the training. LOL.

leng lui ah sim and I. no. don't ask me for her phone number. she has many fans edi [including the one who doesn't know what race he is. sigh.]

sim, desmond a.k.a. the CINAmond and I.

after the training, was only 12pm +. so we decided to drive all the way to Semenyih to eat the very well-known ikan bakar.

"If the fish is fresh, it tastes delicious no matter how you cook it." -Jhen 2008
front - desmond, jhen, karen
back - sim, ah muk

ignore the quote if you do not know the story. my point of putting that is just for them to laugh.
LOL. I'm such a joker. sweat.

then, we paid a visit [KLWMBC gang, this sounds so familiar eh?] to University of Nottingham a.k.a. University of Nothing Happens, Malaysia Campus. hahaha.
and I met kangling there! so excited. =)

next week would be our last training before the event. wowow. I can wait to know which band I'm going to incharge.

will blog again tonight. =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i <3 them.

front row -
me, sim a.k.a. big head sim, mei a.k.a. leg long mei, waihong a.k.a. big ass a.k.a. my gor gor, bee geok a.k.a. cutecute kazak lover, ah kam a.k.a. mama kam, ah pa a.k.a. muk muk.
back row -
cher yen a.k.a. shu shu

too bad. Pei Woon a.k.a. dada didn't join us singing k in Neway Klang.
sigh sigh.

GIRLS. [wai hong may I refer you as girl too? Please? =)]
ok ok. Guy and Girls.

so lame. =.=

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ice-cream! =)

taken with Fisheye 2 and Agfa Pro Pack too.

when I think of ice-cream, the first thing comes to my mind is FAT!
LOL! from now on I must keep fit! I mean really fit for KLWMBC.
I wouldn't want myself to faint during the parade even I'm not one of the band members.
omg. try to imagine that. That is so very de embarassing. >.<

argh. I'm now back to my boring life.
the only two things in my mind now are - KLWMBC and shopping.
going to come out with my ❤pre-UG shopping list❤ soon.
yaya. I need to shop for my UG soon.
what a lame excuse to shop eh?

argh. I'm so very de broke now. but I'm happy with my $$ spending on films.
counting my "stock" in my drawer now-
6 rolls of Agfa Pro Pack
5 rolls of Lomography X-Pro
[erm. they're in the post office now. reaching my house 2ml]
3 rolls of Kodak EBX
1 roll of Kodak TMax
1 roll of Fuji dunno-what

and I seriously so want to buy Fuji Velvia! ish!
but again, I'm broke now.
anybody willing to be my sponsor?
or you would like to sponsor me for my pre-UG shopping?
omg. my daydream continues even at night. =.=

meeting Mei Mei, Ah Muk, Ah Sim and Wai Hong a.k.a. my gor gor 2ml.
wu. Mei is going to Singapore to further her studies.
wu wu. who's going to teman me to go back St Mary's next time?
wu wu wu. who's going to eat Kam Kei Ban Mee with me next time?
wu wu wu wu. Mei, make sure you have your MSN online always! okay?

when somebody important in my life like her has to leave..
I sigh.. >.<

Monday, July 14, 2008


camera - fisheye 2
film - Agfa Pro Pack ISO 200

Jhen says..
"I seriously love this shot! =) Agfa's color is nice! and the film is so very affordable!"

My Lomography Lomo Xpro and Kodak Elitechrome EBX which cost me RM16 and RM17 per roll respectively are going to be delivered on this wednesday! =)
I ordered 5 rolls of Xpro and 3 rolls of EBX.
not to be forgotten I also ordered the Kodak TMax black and white a.k.a BMW BnW film which I always feel like trying.
and afterall, that's the reason why I am so very de broke now. ish.

next target?
Fuji Velvia-100 Expired Film please?

now I should say..


p/s - sent my 2 rolls of fisheye and 1 roll of holga for processing today. might be posting up new photos by this week. =)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


done with One Life Revolution.
I feel so happy and proud of myself because I played a part for this event. =)
next round will be on December in conjunction with World Aids Day, and the venue MIGHT BE in Pavillion.
hehe. I wanna volunteer myself again next round! I want! I want! I want! =)

things that I would like to do now....

Appreciate things in my life.
My family, my friends, and of course, myself. =)

Dream on. Always keep motivated.
I know I shouldn't be afraid to achieve my dreams in my life.
I know I have only one life.

Be healthy physically and mentally.
to do something good for the society.

Always reflect myself before blaming others.
I would learn from my mistakes.

Smile. no matter what happened.
Obstacles are not going to hit me down.

wahaha.finished showing off my lomographics. LOL.
will be sending another 3 rolls of film for processing next 2 days.
1 roll of Holga and 2 rolls of fisheye. =)
will post if there're nice images!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

apa lagi? kena tag-lah! =)

TAG No. 1
List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
Let them know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1. i love lomography!
2. i was a marching band member!
3. i am a girl. mom says im a boyish one.
4. i love almonds. =)
5. i love my family!
6. i am hot-tempered.
7. i don't like mickey. but im still buying MCKY stuffs.
8. i need a new wallet now. LOL. XD

TAG No. 2
8 things I am passionate about:
1. engineering of course.
2. lomography.
3. friends and family.
4. music.
5. sleeping. duh. =.=
6. marching bands!
7. fashion? =.=

8 things I say too often:
1. aiyo wei a.
2. walau
3. ma de (I'm so honest that I admitted I say this toooooooo often)
4. suan liao la..
5. blah~
6. haiya.
7. you sure ar?
8. yerrrr why like this de?

8 books I’ve read recently:
I'm sorry but I seriously didn't read any books recently.

8 songs I could listen to over and over again FOR THE MOMENT
1. Indecisive - Empty Decoration
2. Indecisive - Nothing
3. Indecisive - Stories
5. Tanya Tsai - Wu Di Dong
6. Gary Cao - My Way
7. aLin - Shi Lian Wu Zui
8. Yoga + Liu Li Yang - Chuan Shuo

TAG No.3
Would you go out with you?
State the reasons why you would, and why you wouldn't, and then come to a conclusion at the end.
i would really enjoy going out with myself. only myself. i enjoy being alone sometimes. i do need time for myself too eh!
conclusion? jhen is just an ordinary human being. =)

I'm tagging:
1. Ng Swee Loo
2. Albert
3. Hui Ting
4. Jay
5. Yue Anne
6. Amirah Hakim =)
7. Huei Liq
8. Khai Mun a.k.a. my tai yeye~ =)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jhen the Volunteer.

haha. now I'm officially the volunteer of World Vision's One Life Revolution! =)
Jo-Ann and I have been helping them since yesterday, till this sunday. [saturday we're off!]
yesterday was really quite hectic [but not for me, I was on duty in the merchandise booth] as YB Teresa Kok came for the opening ceremony.
and Elaine Dally was the host!
wow. But I didn't manage to take any photo because, I was having my lunch during the opening ceremony. hahaha.

So today, I was assigned to "jaga" merchandise booth too.
hahaha. suddenly they asked me to help out in the Impact Centre of the exhibit, which I was supposed to "encourage" the visitors to fill in the feedback form.
but guess what, only 1 out of 10 filled that in. >.<
Then, I went back to the merchandise booth continue selling these nice t-shirts, flip-flops and car sticker.
Jo-Ann was assigned to help out in the check-out point, which we call the collect-mp3-job.
I know she wasn't having fun inside. LOL.
I know.

As what I told Jo-Ann, things which do not involve money, are always simple.
The job is quite relaxing actually.
even though we don't get paid, but we still enjoy working with World Vision.
I feel so happy when people told me that they enjoy the exhibit very much.

Many people came and experience the lives of AIDS affected children, how about you?
come visit us for the exhibit! till this Sunday (13th July 2008) from 10am to 7pm.
for Friday and Saturday, extended till 10pm.
p/s- I have walked through 2 out of 3 stories of this exhibit. What I can tell you is it leaves me really great impact! Experience it yourself! =)

Monday, July 7, 2008

an update.

hahaha. just like what Swee Loo and Alice have done in their blog,[update for the sake of updating]
I'm going to do something similar too.
LOL. cause I can't think of any topics yet, sigh.
I have several lomographics to show, but maybe in next entry?

ohya. went for the Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition (KLWMBC) 2008 Volunteer Programme Interview.
my best friends - ah muk and sim went with me.
there were many notts there too. including - desmond chua. haha. the only chinese guy that day. LOL. and guess what, MOLLY was there too!
well. we applied for the Liason Officer job.
I think we can get that job since we are that ONLY FEW chinese there.
pathetic right?

the job sounds really fun.
but stressful too. haha.

well well. I'm going to work for World Vision for One Life Revolution on this tuesday!
can't wait for that!

will update about KLWMBC and One Life Revolution soon.
I mean really soon. =)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Belle Gunness.

Belle Gunness with 3 of her children 4 years before she murdered them.

anyone knows who is Belle Gunness?
I read about this notorious lady from the latest issue of Discovery Channel Magazine [hey. this mag is much more interesting than CLEO and Seventeen. LOL.]
She is a serial killer at the turn of the 20th century.
One thing I must mention about is that she's 5'8" ft tall and over 200 lb, which is around 91kg.
We comment this as physically strong, not fat. okay? haha.

It's believed that she has killed over 49 people including all 4 of her own children.
so the other 45 people includes her husband, and her suitors after her husband is dead.
okay. here's another question. guys. do you find a woman who is 5'8" ft tall and 91kg attractive?
why so many guys went after Belle Gunness?
this is another mystery for me. LOL.
but, hard evidence supports only a lower number, around 25 - 35.
but that's scary enough isn't it?
a woman killed 25 to 35 man.

okay. you might be asking now. what's her motive of killing so many people?
erm. they lied to her?
they betrayed her?
or Belle Gunness loved them so much till she helped them to get to heaven even faster?
LOL. no.
Her apparent motive was to collect life insurance benefit. yes.
it was money. that's why we said, money is the evil root.

her first victim is her husband. sigh.
her husband died on 1900, on the day that two life insurance policies on him overlapped.
what a coincidence eh?
The family doctor claimed that her husband, Mr. Sorenson's death caused by heart failure.
but the first doctor who examined him thought it was caused from strychnine poisoning.
they had a little bit of argument, but autopsy wasn't considered at that time. because they found the death to be unsuspicious.
Then, Belle Gunness applied for the insurance money on the day after her husband's funeral.

Then I think she got addicted into applying for insurance money [duh!]
so she killed almost all of her suitors, whom she lured to marriage.
Till today, some of her suitors' bodies are not found yet.
You're now thinking, this woman is very scary right?

that's not the whole "legend" about her yet.
A body buried next to her husband was believed to be Belle Gunness. actually.
But last year, a team of forensic students exhumed the headless body from the graveyard [they are brave, don't you agree with that?]
One modern researcher believes that the remains of the headless body was a victim of Belle too.
Well, they are still conducting DNA tests [as it's like SO MANY years ago.]
now another mystery, so did Belle Gunness fake her death?
The answers are going to take some time. [again, as it's like SO MANY years ago]
They actually found an envelope, which they believe Gunness licked the flaps more than a century ago.
But they couldn't pull out any DNA from it.
so they now planning to exhume Gunness's sister.
If their DNA isn't a match, they will exhume another body, a woman who died in the California prison in 1931.
There were several witnesses at that about the woman convicted was Gunness, according to Discovery Channel Magazine, the most prolific female serial killer in the history.

wow. I can't wait for the answer.
erm. I think I should be a forensic scientist/chemist instead of an engineer engineering student.
LOL. I have not graduated yet. sigh. 4 more years to go.

anyway. Just to share about this woman with you.
not to scare you ok? =)
anyway, a movie about Gunness is in development.
I'm really interested to watch it! hehehe.

Commercial break.
After reading this, do you think life's precious? haha.
One Life Revolution.
You have one life, do something..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


my Holga 135 BC reached my house safely today morning.
People keep asking me why bought a holga 135 instead of the 120 which uses medium film.
ish. the $$ to buy the 120 film and process them will be killing me. im still a student. a poor one. hahaha. cannot afford that.
and people keep asking me why i invested so much in lomography.
when you have the interest and passion on something, it doesn't matter.
remember, you have only one life, do what you think it's right? =)

I brought my holga out this afternoon.

can't help keep pressing the shutter.
ish. but it's kinda hard to focus.
need to practice still.
anyway, I wont know till i send my films for scanning. haha.
so now. I have two babies. my Holga 135 BC and Fisheye No. 2.

love both of them so muchie.

and i love this too -

my lucky zai. XD

next target?
Lomo X-Pro slide film.
and Agfa CT Precisa slide film.
i wan themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
but they cost rm16 per roll.
really need to think about it eh.

anyway, come to One Life Revolution exhibit with your friends and family! walk in the shoes of these affected children! =)