Saturday, July 31, 2010

desire vs reality

recently my friends and i often get into this topic while we are chatting.
the desire. and the reality.
desire doesn't only include dreams, but it also cover the hopes, wishes and expectations as well.
dreams are big, hopes are great, wishes are good and expectations are high.
but the reality always hit them down. just too bad. :(

i think this is when good characteristics play their roles.
we need determination to carry on, motivation to burn the spirit, toleration to understand the situation, etc etc.
and finally, it's about faith.
i always believe that if we have faith in ourselves, nothing is impossible.
just like before the Wright brothers invented aeroplanes, who ever agree that flying is possible?
they must had HUGE faith in themselves. lol.

don't restrain yourselves from dreaming BIG. we only live once, there's no second chance for you to dream.
and if you have found your desire, have faith in yourselves and work towards it.
make your desire a winner of reality instead of a victim of reality.

now, what is your desire? or what are your desires? :)


love the convocation scene in 'Drumline' where the principal tells,
'Always believe that, YOU CAN FLY!'.

p/s - thanks to leeahmuk who made me tak boleh tahan, at last i bought a pop9 gold. not with me yet, will be collecting it from her next week. my next lomography desire - Diana Mini White. im writing articles in to get more piggies! :) anyway, im selling my dianaF+ (without flash) and Fuji Instax Mini 7s, please leave a message if you are interested. why? because i think i can't be able to bring them to UK and why not sharing the lomo fun? PC Fair is near and i hope to get my pen pen soon. muahahaha!

(Photo by Fuji Instax Mini 7s, sharpness edited with's picnik.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


'Departures', known as 'おくりびと' in japanese, was the (japanese, of course) movie i have watched last few days, alone, and got touched.
this movie was the winner of 2009 academy award for best foreign language movie.
this movie didn't make me cry like i did for 'Echoes of the Rainbows'.
but it led me into thoughts for a few days.

what is death for u?
a lost? an end? a relief?
or is it a gain? a start? a pain?
we know that death is a definite event of life, but how should we face it?
this movie really changed my point of views for death.
u got to watch this movie to feel what i feel. :)

besides that, i learn to appreciate people around me more, after watching this movie.
appreciate them, before they are gone, forever.
what can be worse than death?
it's time to think, and to put down those hatred, jealousy and greed.

after all, it's really an excellent movie.
one point to mention - music of the movie was composed and arranged by Joe Hisaishi.
beautiful music by Joe Hisaishi

this is the theme song of 'Departures', instrumental version. if u want the vocal version of the song, just search for 'AI - Okuribito' in youtube.

Love pierces the heart
More so than any knife
And then saying "Let's meet again some day"...


will i be missed if i die someday?
appreciate people around u, my friends. :)

p/s - im sorry if this post sounds really sad. lol. i just wanted to introduce this good movie to u. :) and i realized that movies with slower pace are more suitable for me. lol.

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Kodak EBX 100, cross processed.)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happiness in life.

life recently is good.
passionate is the best word to describe the current me.
see the description i wrote for myself on the left.
lomography, marching bands, wind orchestra.
what could be better than having all three of them during my summer break?

lomography is one of the hobbies i picked up during my early university days. it's been around 2 years, i think? and im still loving it. :) ask me how many cameras do i have now. and i am still considering to expand the collection. muahaha.

marching bands and wind orchestra. i've skipped the national competition for two years and last week, i drove all the way to shah alam alone, to watch this year's national competition. (and luckily it was held in selangor this time.) found back my love and interest for marching bands. awww. i remember ahmuk and i promised each other that we will both travel to the states one day to watch DCI Championship. haha.

erm, no i don't hate my studies. i love the course that i'm doing.
civil engineering is my dream since form 4. and i proved my passion for it through my results. HAHA.
yay, first class! :P

even though boredom strikes, once in a while during this summer break,
but i'm still feeling happy. this is the happiest summer break ever? haha.
with him, best buddies, lomo and bands around. awwww. how nice.



love what you choose,choose what you love.
now i know, happiness is all about love. :)

p/s - gonna go for Nanta Cookin' show with my bffs on this saturday! wohoho! that's why i said, life's so good now.

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Velvia 100F, cross processed.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

music and i

i'm always glad that i was given a chance to have so so much exposures about music.
well, i used to take piano lesson, but wasn't really determined about it. :(
i was a percussionist years back during the band days, but i have only limited skills, i think. lol.
even though i'm a poor musician, but i do appreciate music. :)
string orchestra, wind orchestra, chamber music, ensemble, marching band, vocal music etc etc. i love them all.


p/s - just realized how unbearable a person's personality can be. aiks. however, this reminds me to appreciate my true friends more. :)

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Astia 100F, cross processed.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

a feather duster.


no doubt. this is a feather duster.

erm. let's see how many serious readers i have here.
let me know what do you feel of this photo by leaving me a comment, please?

p/s - boredom kills, seriously. :(

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Agfa APX 400, black and white processed.)