Thursday, July 8, 2010

a feather duster.


no doubt. this is a feather duster.

erm. let's see how many serious readers i have here.
let me know what do you feel of this photo by leaving me a comment, please?

p/s - boredom kills, seriously. :(

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Agfa APX 400, black and white processed.)


muk said...

u rather take photo then clean up?
i wan umaiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

kaizen boy said...

i feel like jail...

the black and white make up the feeling of dull and disappointment... it is like everything is constraint with bars, rules and regulation...

even light features like feather, can't even leave the cell...

it hang there for ages and end up consume by dust...where suppose it obligation to eliminate

is a sad and pathetic photo