Tuesday, June 8, 2010

life has an absolute*生命有一种绝对



life's pretty good recently. because slacking is the only thing i do. :P

oh well, did a lil research on digital cameras. Olympus PEN E-PL1 is really awesome! will try to get one before going UK. but since it's really expensive, i don't put much hopes on it. if i couldn't get one, im still happy to stick with my lomo cameras. kakaka.

for lomography, my latest desires are the Diana Mini and Olympus mjμ-II. an used Olympus mjμ-II (with remote control) only costs RM199 in lowyat forum. aaaa. the deal is really tempting. well well, if im a super rich woman, i would love to get the Fuji Instax Mini 25 too. lighter in weight and better in focus compared to my current 7S.
oh well, i won't be buying any cameras these few months. :( im broke. and if i have money, it would be fund for the E-PL1.

oh well. did i tell u that mayday's concert was really awesome? ahmuk, sim, yin and i really enjoyed ourselves. :)
between, u should try listening to Yen-J (严爵). a talented young singer.

p/s - lisa ono is awesome too! aaaaaa. what's more perfect than listening to lisa ono alone,with a glass of wine? eh no. i don't drink at home. :P

(Photo by Holga 135 BC loaded with Lomo X-Pro 100, cross processed.)

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porky said...

saya ada Olympus mjμ-II without remote control...and i plan to have pentax GF...but not E-PL1..XD
yeah..i like this song..life has an absolute..XD..nice tranlation..
and Yen-J really a talented singer...