Saturday, July 31, 2010

desire vs reality

recently my friends and i often get into this topic while we are chatting.
the desire. and the reality.
desire doesn't only include dreams, but it also cover the hopes, wishes and expectations as well.
dreams are big, hopes are great, wishes are good and expectations are high.
but the reality always hit them down. just too bad. :(

i think this is when good characteristics play their roles.
we need determination to carry on, motivation to burn the spirit, toleration to understand the situation, etc etc.
and finally, it's about faith.
i always believe that if we have faith in ourselves, nothing is impossible.
just like before the Wright brothers invented aeroplanes, who ever agree that flying is possible?
they must had HUGE faith in themselves. lol.

don't restrain yourselves from dreaming BIG. we only live once, there's no second chance for you to dream.
and if you have found your desire, have faith in yourselves and work towards it.
make your desire a winner of reality instead of a victim of reality.

now, what is your desire? or what are your desires? :)


love the convocation scene in 'Drumline' where the principal tells,
'Always believe that, YOU CAN FLY!'.

p/s - thanks to leeahmuk who made me tak boleh tahan, at last i bought a pop9 gold. not with me yet, will be collecting it from her next week. my next lomography desire - Diana Mini White. im writing articles in to get more piggies! :) anyway, im selling my dianaF+ (without flash) and Fuji Instax Mini 7s, please leave a message if you are interested. why? because i think i can't be able to bring them to UK and why not sharing the lomo fun? PC Fair is near and i hope to get my pen pen soon. muahahaha!

(Photo by Fuji Instax Mini 7s, sharpness edited with's picnik.)

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Shwu Fei said...

Agree ^_^V
"we only live once, there's no second chance for you to dream."
Then i can continue dreaming de...wahahahaha..=p