Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lomo and I

many friends of mine still have no idea about what lomo is all about.

hey friends,

an article about lomography. enjoy.

well. i have sent my 2nd roll of film to the studio. and I requested the film scanning service. arg. they are charging me RM1 for each photo where some of the forummers in said the usual price is only about RM10 for this service.

so i asked the people to reconfirm with me about the price before scanning the films. they promised to call me back this afternoon. but it's now evening and i haven't receive any calls yet.

duh lar!!!!!

but i seriously cant wait to see photos in my 2nd roll of film.

last but not least, i have just loaded 3rd roll of film into my lomo.



since friends around me are so into this tagging thing, and since i'm tagged.
i will do it. LOL cz im too bored.

1. What's your favorite anime at the present time?
` sorry to say. i dun watch anime. >.<

2. Given the chance, what special ability/power would you like to have?
` making dead people alive?

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?
` Muk Muk, Mei Mei and Jo-Ann

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
` ITALY!!!!!

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
` unlimited of happiness.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
` always

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
` my family.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
` part of it for charity, part of it for my dream car and house. XD

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him?
` No. im not aggressive type of people.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?
` cute, sweet, lovely.

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
` MATURE! caring,loving,responsible...the list goes on...

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
` arrogant people.

13. What is your ambition?
` of course a successful civil engineer. with my own consultant firm?

14. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
` come on. just be honest. point them out.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
` my family.

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
` give me some money and i will let you know?

17. What musical instrument do you like the most now?
` tuba. always tuba.

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
` my temper. i have bad temper i noe.

19. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?
` erm. maybe yes?

20. Do you love your life at the moment?
` yea.

21. I tag : Swee Loo, Jay, Tiffany


Name five frens:
1. Ah Muk
2. Mei Mei
3. Soon Ming
4. San San
5. Jo-Ann

` she's single!

` she's single too!

` they dun even noe each other.

` erm erm erm. they are not lesbians.

` this afternoon.

7. DOES NO.4 WORK?~*
` nope.

` nope.

` LOL. who knows!

10. HOW ABOUT NO.5?~*
` she's a girl okay?

` yup. 8 of them.

` Mei Mei was my bandmates and San San is my coursemate.

` now in Cheras. was in Klang.

` she was my primary+secondary+band-mate.

` erm erm. if she's reading it. i need to say yes. LOL

Friday, May 30, 2008


for nice photographs, please



p/s - tat is not my blog. but my brother's. kaka. enjoy! ^.^

those places...

St Mary's Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur.
a place which witnessed my growth.
watched my transformation.
from a kid to a teenager, and now a young lady. =)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lomography - Artistically Flawed.

professional photography is supposed to be flawless.
but lomography is a flawed art.
but damn it.
my 1st rolls of film is toooooooooooooooooooooooo flawed.
till most of the pictures turned out ugly. LOL!
nevermind. as lomography is something like trial and error thing.
here to share with you guys the nicest picture of my 1st roll.
no, not gonna show you all pictures.
if i show you all here, i've nothing to post for 2ml. LOL! soweeee~
this is a fisheye image everyone.
do not ask me why it is like that. because this is a fisheye image.
thanks. LOL!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KFC - It's finger lickin' good

KFC just came out with the latest colonel menu - Chicken Chop with Colonel's Gravy.
wo. as a fast food lover [yes i am one. see my size? LOL], i told myself i must try this chicken chop! it's a must for me to try!!!!!!!!!!
wahahaha.look extremely tempting hor. feel like eating. but the price actually kinda. expensive. RM11.30 i can actually have big large huge chicken chop in D'Tree Steak in Semenyih edi..
this is the advertisement in the newspaper.
erm. this ad is a bit.... funny right? LOL just make sure you wash ur hand before 'catching' the gravy in the way like tis.
tis is funny also. see his facial expression. OMG. and spot the drop of gravy.LOL
'Don't waste even one drop!' this TV advertisement said...
if you haven't watch the ad before,click here!

so, mom bought it for me as dinner last few days.
remember the commercial said 'don't waste even one drop?'
this is how much i've wasted. I threw this whole thing away.
the gravy is just like. not so special, not so delicious.
kinda disappointed with KFC this time.
haizzzzzzzzzz. a very random post. LOL.
anyway, i've finished my first roll of films for my fisheye 2.
tomolo i will get those photos. and i will try to upload them ASAP.
see ya!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jhen the Lomographer!

now jhen is officially a lomographer. guess what.
i received my fisheye no. 2 today. all the way from lomographyasia headoffice in Hong Kong!
okok. i would hold my excitement for a while.

back to 25th May 2008 - Sunday -around 10.00p.m.
finally i have decided to order my Fisheye No. 2 from the Lomography Asia Pacific Online Shop which is located in Hong Kong.
nah this is the screenshot of the page. can u spot the fisheye?
after 'digesting' the page quite some while, i realized that they actually having a package like this -

whoa! a limited Fisheye No. 2 white edition, a ringflash and a pack of 5 pro film rolls. only for HKD 1050! [around RM440]
a white Fisheye edi cost about RM285 in Malaysia. and the ringflash is about RM280 or RM290 too. so this is definitely a good deal. wahahaha. so, I've decided to cancel my plan to get an iPod Nano. i took the package!

placed my order. and paid using mom's credit card. LOL!
Today, 27th May 2008 - Tuesday
around 3.30p.m. , FedEx gave me a call and told me that I have a package from Hong Kong. but the point of the call was actually they didn't know the way to my house lar. =.=
after about half an hour,
ta daaaaa! The FedEx van is here. aiks. should have taken the photo of the van. LOL.
and super cool lor. they asked me to sign on their PDA instead of signing on the paper like other currier services. wahahaha. thumbs up for FedEx!
nah! the this is what I got.
can't wait to open it... WAHAHAHAHAHHA

oooo i was so excited!

love at first sight. this is what it means.

these are what i bought!
super super happy lor! XD
two thumbs up for Lomography Asia!!!
took only less than 3 days to have my stuffs delivered!
from HongKong to Malaysia!
amazing service and efficiency, right??
okay. will post up my lomographs soon. XD
and will be having a new header very very soon!
p/s - not going to blog about fabio cannavaro anymore! i just wanna have fun with my lomo now! XD

Monday, May 26, 2008

long hair vs short hair

after having my hair long for so many many many years, finally i've decided to cut it today.
a bit bob but not too bob short hair.
a bit layered but not too layered. LOL.

Another after. LOL














buh bye my long hair!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Si Chuan Earthquake

watched a special programme regarding this earthquake just now.
One of the schools which was involved, 北川高中[Bei Chuan High School]
have started back some of their classes for their senior 3 students in some kinda temporary building.
They need to get this started fast because the senior 3 students are having their standardised exams [something like our SPM or STPM] really soon.
The host interviewed a few of the teachers and students.
The school had 2883 students before the disaster.
and now, they left only 823 students.

Many students said to the interviewer about, they feel really sad and even dreamt of their friends and the disaster every night.
at 1st glance, you won't know they actually faced such a big disaster.
teachers are trying to keep their sadness, and cheer their students up.
Boys are playing basketball, girls are playing around.
they are smiling.
but who knows, deep in their heart, it's such a big scar. a huge trauma.

some of the teachers lost their children in this earthquake.
one of the teachers said that he has not found her own daughter's death body yet.
but he's now on his duty, giving classes in the school.
he knows he has to make it clear, between his personal feelings, and the kids' future.
and one thing which seriously touched my heart, the interviewer actually told this teacher,
"the students will know how much you've actually contributed. you're really a great teacher."
tears were dropping out from my eyes when i heard this. i feel like saying the same thing to this teacher too.

another male teacher, said that all teachers were trying hard not to cry in front of their students.
they tried hard to cheer their students up, and give supports to them.
but, at the middle of the nights, when they are alone, they are actually crying.
they have lost almost everything after this earthquake.

and then, they interviewed one senior 3 boy.
he said that his best friend has passed away during the earthquake.
his best friend's parents came to him and asked him things about their child before he passed away.
and this boy did not actually know how to describe the whole story to them.
he actually witnessed everything, and he feels it's too cruel to be told to the parents.
so he did not tell a thing to the parents. no. not to make them sadder, right?

i feel im so fortunate now.
i cant imagine if there's a day, i lost my parents, my siblings, my everything, so suddenly.
i wouldn't know how am i going to face these.
but these teachers and students, who managed to stand up so fast, and so tough.
they're really great.

and now, i think back, those obstacles and problems i was struggling for, are actually tiny sand for them.
now, i've learnt to appreciate everyone and everything in my life.
be thankful that i have great family members, great friends, great opportunity to study, great life, etc etc..

to all SiChuan Earthquake victims, just as what Premier Wen Jia Bao has said,
stand strong, stay tough.

Last but not least, a song by most of the Hong Kong artists, specially recorded for the SiChuan Earthquake.
This song is adapted from Beyond's old song, the new lyrics composed by Andy Lau.



Saturday, May 24, 2008


very no mood lor.
went to 1U and tried to look for Fisheye No. 2.
and they said both the 1U and Sunway Pyramid branches do not have stock for it too.
and they do not know when is their next purchase.

so very de sad now.

but nevermind.
dad said okay for me to order it from
muacks muacks daddy!
[and it's cheaper if i order it from Hong Kong.... sweat right?]

why didn't i think of ordering from the net earlier?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jhen's Summer Mission

fu yoh. I did not actually sit down and plan for my summer.
I failed to plan. but not planning to fail okay?!
now introducing....

1. to be a lomographer.
-yeah. Jhen the Lomographer. unlike popeye the sailorman okay?! he's not my friend.

2. to be healthier
-exercise at least 3 days a week. at least 30minutes for each day. i said healthier, not to become damn damn damn healthy. LOL!

3. lose some weight.
-Mr. Seah [my dad] says,"how come you like getting fatter and fatter huh?" so i must either lose some weight. or just maintain it. it will be good enuff. oh ya wanna lose those fats under my arms. =.= EAT LESS. WORK MORE. hmph!

4. to be more girlish
-as what i said to Jo-Ann and Soon Ming, i wanna learn how to wear high heels! and more girlie [see it clear, it's g-i-r-l-i-e not g-e-l-i ]tops, less t-shirts, please?

5. keep in touch with ALL my friends.
-1st, im going back to my high school for their drama and meeting my high school classmates. at least one outing with my SS family and NS friends. and keeping in touch with my uni friends too. find me yamcha, ya?

6. to improve my parking skills
-my parking skills seriously suck lor! so i must improve by this summer!

7. to be more independent
-not to depend on my friends that much. I live my own life. for myself. not anyone of you.

8. to shop
-i have a lot of things to buy. new cloths. iPod Nano [if i have the money]. more skincare. blaH!

9. to learn yoga
-i wanted to learn. and dad encourages me to learn too. so i guess im going only if i found a nice centre. wouldn't be spending my money and time in pa lia centre right?

10. to blog
-promise to have 3-4 posts a week. and i will post up my lomo pictures once i get my lomo.

all above are my missions in these 4 months.
wish me luck lor.

Jhen not the Lomographer yet

damn it. went to Mid Valley after my last paper yesterday.
and ROOM told me that they currently have no stock for fisheye No. 2.
very sad lor.
but nevermind. swee loo gave my number to ROOM KLCC too.
so that if they have stock, i will get it. LOL! thx swee loo!!! u r so good ler~!
might be going to 1U to check whether they have stock there or not.
As i remembered, they told me they have a limited edition one.
hopefully it's not sold out yet?
so now im not a lomographer yet.

finals are finished. finally. phew.
my foundation year is finished.
as I mentioned earlier, we went to mid valley after our last paper after helping swee loo to check out.
LOL. but the day b4, we actually went to Jusco Cheras Selatan, to have a pre-summer-holiday celebration.
and guess what. we actually watched Speed Racer. the lame movie. oops no no the Rain's movie.
seriously very very lame lor tis movie. but Jo-Ann and Soon Ming kept saying the movie was nice. tsk tsk tsk.
u dun blif jhen actually watched a movie?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!
hey hey i've got my prove here okay!
i seriously wonder why i couldn't get a nice shot of the ticket with my Nokia 5610 lor. hate it!
oh ya. must thank swee loo for fetching us to Jusco Cheras Selatan. so sweet of him lor right? LOL!
i oso bought one hydration lotion from The Body Shop. they're having sale! but things are still expensive after discount. =.=
taken in Jusco Cheras Selatan 1st Floor, female toilet next to Popular, the last one. duh. =.=

then, on thursday. after helping sweeloo to check out his room, we went to mid valley. fu YOH! swee loo wear shades and drive so yeng lor. LOL. he's sure very happy now. i keep praising him here. =.= we went there with 2 cars. so i was driving too.
after i parked my car, i saw two weirdo [ooops they are hottie]...

soonming on the left and san san on the right. they said they feel like supermodel when they are at the back of the glass. sweat lor!!
and guess what. swee loo, Jo-Ann and I went for another movie. Indiana Jones. seriously much more better than Speed Racer lor. so now...
after movie, we went shopping like mad. or shud i say, window shopping like mad!
anyway, soonming, jo-ann and I still managed to buy sumthing.
soonming got herself a punk tube top..
jo-ann got herself a dress. which seriously makes her look cute lor.
and i got myself a VERY HUGE bag and a blouse? i dunno wat to call tat top anyway. LOL.
kinda happy with the huge bag because it cost me only rm35 lor! nice nice~!
after that, we went and bought some big apple donuts and brought it back to campus for our friends. lOL. Say Cheese! is super nice loR!
after bathing, soonming, san san, jo-ann and I had a nice and long girls' talk in my room.
we actually planned to stay up to 4am and go to McD kajang to have breakfast.
but in the end, we tak boleh tahan.
at the time of about 3am, we went to KFC Kajang.
KFC at 3am....
this is the leng leng Jo-Ann Chan Sook Yan. happily eating her original drumstick. yea. at the time of 3am.
leng lui Yiu San San a.k.a. 33. she was still so awake lor.

the super hottie Hoo Soon Ming. [nah... soonming, belanja har!] eating ice-cream at the time of 3am. =.=
then. shud i say the next day? or the same day's afternoon?!
soonming, jo-ann and I went to foodcourt to get some semenyih food. cz we said we will miss the food during summer break.
then. for the 1st time, soonming decided to eat sumthing!! [usually just a papaya will do for her.]
she ordered fried rice.
some of the notts might not believe me.. but see this!
she's really eating lor! and she managed to finish it! a round of applause for soonming please~!
after tat. we went back to campus.
and i checked out my room. they charged me rm25 for the wall having stains and the protector of the bed. GRRRRRR!
but the lady was so kind. she said close on eye for my mosquito net which was lost. =.=
and finally... I MOVED OUT!
at the back of my car. seriously. full lor.

the passenger seat.
i went home like that. and got scolded by my mom. LOL!
imagine. by september, i need to move these things in again. sigh....

now, im having 4 months break and mom doesn't allow me for any part time jobs.
so i've decided to go back to my ex band and help in training the juniors.
but the committee is not really contacting me yet. erm. i dunno how. LOL!
so fast. i've actually finished my foundation.

by the time i get back to UNIM, i'm a Civil Engineering 1st Year Student.
wish me luck then!
and friends, happie holidays, okay?

p/s - i did not post any of my own photos in this post. if you've read my previous post, do you seriously think you wan my photos summore?!?!?!? LOL!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spot Jhen the Lomographer!!!

u had fun spotting me in photos right?
so here are some photos for u guys.. XD
spot me!!
but i got no prize to give you.
broke edi lar...
tis is my primary 6 photo. erm. kinda. sigh.
i noe i am fat... [if you manage to spot me in this photo..}
no no i shud say, i was fat. and i am fat too now. SAD RIGHT??
okay another photo here..
i think this is slightly easier. LOL!
this is taken when I was form 5~
about two years ago lorrrrr~

oh did i tell you about i'm getting my Fisheye lomo 2ml?
i did right?
yea. will be finishing my finals by 2ml.
and i'll be having my 4 months summer holiday!
but i got nothing to do during these 4 months. =.=

and pls dun expect me to post up lomography photos by 2ml okay.
the camera is using film. not digital okay~
so give me about 2 weeks.. promiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

muacks muacks.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More about Jhen..

since I just opened this blog.
so i decided to let you know more about jhen. XD
and appreciate it pleaseeeeeeeee. LOL
okay. was actually on my old PC and searching for some photos for this blog.
i am very regret that i've actually deleted my band's farewell party photo. aIKS!
but glad to find out that i have still a number of NS photos with me.
so, we're going to talk about NS.

not Negeri Sembilan. yea that is not funny. so dun laugh.
and one reminder, pls dun ever ever ever ever ever [not going to type this word for a whole page] ever laugh at my photo okay? i noe i'm not good looking but i'm happy with it. ok o not?
but i did actually protect my face during ns lor.
dun blif me again ar?! nah tis is the prove -

dun laugh i tell u! I WARN YOU NOT TO LAUGH!
okay. put those craps [dennis and sam call these zhim, which means crab in hokkien].
okay put those zhim aside first.
My NS camp was Kem PLKN Jugra, Banting.
Jugra is a place okay. and got no meaning for this word.
and my company was Alpha.

okay, in case you dun know, we use to call guys in NS as Wira whereas the girls as Wirawati.
and we have a leader representing all of us which we call the Penghulu [sounds so like those old ah pek right? well, what to do...=.=]
okay. you must have imagine a Penghulu actually is like, well built one. tall tall. cool cool. looks smart. maybe at least good looking. blah blah blah.
but. no lor. still okay oni lor.LOL!
now you understand why some of the ns trainees said ns is bad right? =(
this guy is my camp's penghulu. LOL. but i do not hate him lar. just tat, he's a bit out of expectation. >.<
ok lar ok lar. not to comment about people. dahlah ownself not really very good looking. =.=
now... introducing Jhen the Lomographer...... introducing the Blok Wirawati [Wirawati's dorm] of Kem PLKN Jugra, Banting~
cheng cheng cheng~~~~!
ok lar. i noe i look ugly lar. vomit lor vomit lor~~~
i can hardly recognize myself in this photo also lor. it was me being kepo holding the flag of company.
and i admit that i did not contribute anything while my company was designing the flag. >.<
okay. the same flag. but diff holder. LOL. this is Morgan Lee [at 1st i seriously felt his name is like an indian's name lor. shhhh dun tell him k? but after i found out his full name edi, i realized that Morgan is actually kinda suitable for him]
Everybody, he can dance breakdance one lor. freaking yeng. [mr lee, if u r reading this, dun be perasan okay? LOL]
let me introduce to you the most handsome trainer in my camp den..
Cikgu Li and I~ he's good looking lor. and hor and hor.
you know what, he called me LENG LUI always when i was in camp. XD
The photo of our Wirajaya [the name for our jungle trekking programme]

seriously nice lor this photo right?
and spot me!!!! Jo-Ann spotted me in just 2 seconds. =.=
after so many photos which would make you have nightmare later,
i decided to do something good for you.

nah! i'm telling you seriously about this is the nicest photo that i've taken during ns.
okay this entry will end here.
and now i realized that i wasnt talking much about my ns experience throughout the post. erm.....
just wanna show you how yong sui i am, cannot ar?!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Honda ASIMO conducts the orchestra!

erm. you might know who is Honda ASIMO.
and you might not.
Honda ASIMO is something that you basically can't eat.
and Honda ASIMO is not a car model.
nah. this is ASIMO

This is ASIMO. say hi to ASIMO. [erm... sounds so like swee loo]
Recently, Mr. Honda has just conducted Detroit Symphony Orchestra. and Yoyo Ma was the cellist in the concert.
quite cute lor.
erm I was the conductor of my band during high school [sigh.. .those were the days...]
what?! dun believe ar?!
nah. tis is the prove -
don't try to spot for me. I am not inside. XD
this is my band. tis was taken i think a year ago when they were rehearsing for a parade in dataran.
go ask anyone of them and see whether i was the conductor or not lor.
erm. i hate it lor. i mean the uniform. so not yeng lor. geram.
haiz whatever lar. but i still love the band. muacks muacks.
ei. i was a prefect during high school also lor.dun blif again?
nah! look at this-

i was the Squad Leader and this was my squad. what is squad leader? when your head prefect and asst head prefect is not there, squad leader will take over lar! LOL!

okay. finished showing off. actually all above are -
can't find a photo of bullshit. but this bird shits photo was taken by me. in Penang last 2 years. LOL.

okay. back to Mr. Honda ASIMO.
before he started to conduct, he greeted the audience, 'HELLO EVERYONE'
so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

"Although an impressive feat, Asimo cannot actually respond to the orchestra. The performance was achieved by mimicking the actions of a video of Detroit Symphony's education director Charles Burke performing the same piece six months earlier."
adapted from
now I heard the 'owhhhhhhhhhhhhh' from you. Now we know how they can do this. hahahaha.
and this event is actually to promote music education.
finally, here is the video of the performance.

Lomography - The 10 Golden Rules

even tho im not officially a lomographer yet.
i would like to share with you guys the 10 golden rules of lomography..
and just a reminder - i did not create these on my own. =)

01 - "take your camera everywhere you go"
in bed, in gorki park, in a propellar-driven airplane or in the laundrette : you grab your camera and everything around you starts to vibrate with life, be prepared, keep your camera close at hand and ready for action everywhere and all the time.

02 - "use it any time - day and night"
every single second has its own unique, light, grey, colorful, woolly, profound, flat mood. your life is not going to wait for your camera, its rules and the fooling around involved. either - click - you have captured the situation as it is, or you haven't.

03 - "lomography is not an inteference in your life, but part of it"
lomography doesn't interrupt the direction your life is going, it's just a significant and integral part of it. just like talking, walking, sleeping, eating, thinking, drinking, laughing and loving. lomography is a powerful sign that you are alive.

04 - "try the shot from the hip"
it is as simple at it is unusual : you don't have to look through the viewfinder to take a good picture, no, on the contrary! give yourself more freedom in your choice of perspectives. hand up in the air, out in the front or behind your back. no limits - just your experience mixed with some luck.

05 - "approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible"
get close -click- from the wrist looking deep into the eyes, full frontal, close up and precisely whatever it is that interests you. laughing as you go, feeling good, so that everyone can see that lomography is the most obvious and natural thing in the world.

06 - "don't think"
put your head in the ice cold bathub, hold your breath, count to 100 and let your trouble dissolve. then jerk your head out again, and with it firmly on your shoulders, grab your camera and hit the streets. start snapping away. live it and have fun.

07 - "be fast"
a mere tenth of a second makes the difference between lomography or not lomography. just don't wasta any time with settings, adjustments, thinking about it, faffing around and procrastinating, first impressions have a quality all of their own, trust yourself.

08 - "you don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film"
give the random in lomography a chance. enjoy your new way of living with random occurrence. you're not here for lomography. lomography is here for you! lomography only works if the only thing you concentrate on is celebrating y our life.

09 - "afterwards either"
wow. that looks great. what's that. where was i there? your brain is running on top speed, your memory is spinning, your history is tumbling. no, you don't have to know exactly what's on the film even afterwards. just read between the lomographs.

10 - "don't worry about any rules"
forget the ten golden rules - discover your very own lomography. immerse yourself in what's going on. do it and do what you want but do it now.

adapted from

and i did not take those pictures. I just saved it from the net.plagiarism lor. cannot ar?
I will post up MY pictures when i get my lomo, okay? promise! =)