Tuesday, July 27, 2010


'Departures', known as 'おくりびと' in japanese, was the (japanese, of course) movie i have watched last few days, alone, and got touched.
this movie was the winner of 2009 academy award for best foreign language movie.
this movie didn't make me cry like i did for 'Echoes of the Rainbows'.
but it led me into thoughts for a few days.

what is death for u?
a lost? an end? a relief?
or is it a gain? a start? a pain?
we know that death is a definite event of life, but how should we face it?
this movie really changed my point of views for death.
u got to watch this movie to feel what i feel. :)

besides that, i learn to appreciate people around me more, after watching this movie.
appreciate them, before they are gone, forever.
what can be worse than death?
it's time to think, and to put down those hatred, jealousy and greed.

after all, it's really an excellent movie.
one point to mention - music of the movie was composed and arranged by Joe Hisaishi.
beautiful music by Joe Hisaishi

this is the theme song of 'Departures', instrumental version. if u want the vocal version of the song, just search for 'AI - Okuribito' in youtube.

Love pierces the heart
More so than any knife
And then saying "Let's meet again some day"...


will i be missed if i die someday?
appreciate people around u, my friends. :)

p/s - im sorry if this post sounds really sad. lol. i just wanted to introduce this good movie to u. :) and i realized that movies with slower pace are more suitable for me. lol.

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Kodak EBX 100, cross processed.)


kaizen boy said...

xiao pei, i watch both rainbow and the departure too~~

departure i watch last year, and rainbow i watch few month back...
i cry like baby watching departure, but rainbow stirred my thoughts for many days...

we are opposite...they are both brilliant movie...

Jhen said...

i wanted to cry when daigo was doing the 'nokan' procedures for his dad. and he found that stone letter.
but too bad, VCD that time kik dai. =.= no mood cry. but it did make me felt so touched.

yea. both are brilliant movies which teach people to appreciate.

and joe hisaishi is really great!

KY said...

I watched departure v WL at, 3am. A very special movie with unique theme.. I like it but i think he found it boring. Was amazed by the professionalism, felt very sad when i saw the little gal in uniform crying over her dead mum, but then the ending was kind of, expected. We were guessing who will die n make the wife understand his job..