Wednesday, October 6, 2010

living my life, in the UK.

hello everybody.
no i did not forget my blog, of course. :)
spent almost three weeks for settling down, and i am still at the settling down stage. lol.

well, UK is good.
i was very impressed by the civic consciousness that the UK people have.

classes have started. as the chinese saying goes, things are tough at the beginning.
i'm trying my very best to adapt. aiks.

haven't been to many places in the UK tho.
to be precise, i have only been to the nottingham city and birmingham. lol.
nottingham city is boring (i think) and birmingham is heaven for me. (my friends said because i have not seen london yet.)

a sneak peak of photos taken in birmingham :)

departure. taken in broadmarsh. :D this is not in birmingham tho. it's nottingham. haha.

one of my favourite photos.

contradiction of modern and traditional architecture. the bullring and st martin's church.

st martin's. taken from the ground level. :)

the bullring market.

(all photos taken with Olympis E-PL1, 16:9 format, some with pinhole art filter.)

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