Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happiness in life.

life recently is good.
passionate is the best word to describe the current me.
see the description i wrote for myself on the left.
lomography, marching bands, wind orchestra.
what could be better than having all three of them during my summer break?

lomography is one of the hobbies i picked up during my early university days. it's been around 2 years, i think? and im still loving it. :) ask me how many cameras do i have now. and i am still considering to expand the collection. muahaha.

marching bands and wind orchestra. i've skipped the national competition for two years and last week, i drove all the way to shah alam alone, to watch this year's national competition. (and luckily it was held in selangor this time.) found back my love and interest for marching bands. awww. i remember ahmuk and i promised each other that we will both travel to the states one day to watch DCI Championship. haha.

erm, no i don't hate my studies. i love the course that i'm doing.
civil engineering is my dream since form 4. and i proved my passion for it through my results. HAHA.
yay, first class! :P

even though boredom strikes, once in a while during this summer break,
but i'm still feeling happy. this is the happiest summer break ever? haha.
with him, best buddies, lomo and bands around. awwww. how nice.



love what you choose,choose what you love.
now i know, happiness is all about love. :)

p/s - gonna go for Nanta Cookin' show with my bffs on this saturday! wohoho! that's why i said, life's so good now.

(Photo taken by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Velvia 100F, cross processed.)