Friday, October 29, 2010


i have been really really busy these days.
projects, assignments and courseworks. (and dramas as well. oops.)

i am sorry that i didn't update my blog as usual as i used to. :(
and guess what, i haven't even start researching for photolabs who do film processing around nottingham. sigh, anybody can give me any guidance?

went to the cheshire oak designer outlet last week and had really great fun shopping there. lol. do not ask how much i have spent there, please.
here is one of the photos taken in the i-don't-know-where-is-it train station, named Stockport. lol.

and this train station comes with a platform number zero. yea, zero.
we thought we were supposed to bang the column in order to board the train, like the harry potter does. lol. non sense. but i was really surprised to see a platform zero. hahaha or maybe im just one of the kampung girl who hasn't done exploring the UK. lol.

recently i got really really addicted into Tanya Tsai's album, 抛物线. yea, i know it's not a new album, but still, it's super nice. hahaha. now i understand why she won the best female singer in taiwan. her songs are just, heart-touching.

aaaah. random much. lol.

p/s - don't think about only me, reverse the 'm' and think about we. yea, im annoyed by selfish people recently. lol.

(Photo taken by Olympus PEN E-PL1)


Sebastian Workshop said...

where is the railway station? in UK? feel so great!

Jhen said...

yup. in UK a place called stockport. lol. i have no idea where is it actually.
i missed the train and boarded some random train and found some random station to do transit. lol.