Tuesday, June 29, 2010

passion and memories.

attended the St Mary's School Band 1st concert last saturday.
i burst into tears during the encore pieces.
flashbacks of those days kept playing in my mind.
my seniors, juniors and bandmates of my batch,
the practices, parades and performances,
the tears, sweats and joy,
the obstacles, passion, and teamwork.
all of these kept playing in my mind during the concert.
i felt really touched when i came to realize that the band has gone this far.
the girls have made it. they have made the school and the ex-members proud.

as the saying goes,
rome wasn't built in one day.
years back, st mary's band was still a band that people would look down on.
but now, the band has got much better.
the band didn't just improve in a blink of eye. it was the passion and efforts by all the members throughout these years.
and not to forget our dedicated instructor, Mr. Sunny Hoh.
Sir, 7 years ago you came to take over the band. there were ups and downs throughout these 7 years. even i myself have thought of giving up. but u never.
u even encouraged us to carry on.
we are glad that we have you, for these 7 years, sir.
i'm here to express my appreciation to all members of the band and Mr. Sunny Hoh, thanks for bringing me such a wonder night, a walk down my memory lane.

and thanks, for bringing back my passion.
life is so wonderful if we are living with passion. :)

congratulations St Mary's School Band!
one peak conquered! let's achieve another higher peak.
us ex-members will always be with u.
anyway, ex-members, something is cooking, please join THIS.
please leave your emails and contact numbers in the discussion board so i can send out my proposal to u ASAP.
a tough challenge is awaiting, but i have faith and passion.
and i hope u too. :)


a walk down my memory lane.

p/s - when i received the sms from sir on saturday midnight, i almost burst into tears again. thanks mr. sunny. thanks. salute! :)

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Agfa APX 400, black and white processed.)

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