Friday, October 8, 2010

lomography pop 9

i used to think that the multi-lens lomo cameras are kinda, erm, not too interesting.
that time ss family (my very best friends!) was having this multi-lens fever where lee ahmuk decided to buy a supersampler and ter simsim decided to buy the actionsampler.
so i thought, why not i give a try, since i was having some piggies to spend and i oni needed to top up a small amount.
so i chosen the POP-9!
kia su mah, both supersampler and actionsampler only have 4 lens, while pop9 has 9! lol.
since the black one looks really ugly, i bought the gold one instead. :D

even though the results were not as mesmerizing as the LC-A+ or Holga use to give, but i swear that Pop-9 is the most fun and interesting lomo camera i have ever had. seriously.

one of my favourite shots -

lesson of the story -
do not frame yourself. why not stand out of the circle and give yourself more choices? this is my current point of view for my future career. hahaha.

spent quite a lot of pounds recently in getting some stuffs. aiks,seriously wanna save for a new mattress, this current old one is causing me backache. :( and why mattresses are so expensive in the UK? all of them are at least £100 or more. sigh. and i want a new coat so i have a bit of variety (im wearing the same one to class daily), i want Uniqlo's heattech tees to keep me warm, i want the zara's ankle boots and anya hindmarch's tote bag.

lol okay. i shall be really really disciplined not to over spend. no shopping, no shopping.

p/s - the priority of mine when im in UK isn't my studies, but meals i have everyday. whenever im free, i'd be thinking of what to eat for next meal. =.=||| please do not ask me my weight.

p/s again - peer pressure is killing me. arghhhhh.

(Photo taken by Lomography Pop-9 loaded with Agfa Precisa CT 100, cross processed.)

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Superbearman89 said...

hey, first time visiting your blog. Very nice blog, i like the lomo photos since I have one lomo camera too! still a beginner >_< will visit your blog frequently ^^