Thursday, June 24, 2010




there are blank moments in one's life, and that is the transitional period. i console myself.
there are challenges in one's life, and that is the determination period. i motivate myself.


the sun sets, then rises. and it sets again.
still, life goes on no matter what right? :)

i'm currently learning how to let go things.
especially anger.
i need more positive energy. :)

*determination period means the period where determination is needed the most. lol. i kno, bad translation, i kno.

p/s - as i kno, results will be out like, reaaaaaaaaaaaal soon. i admit, i did not do well in the exams. my bad my bad. :( anyway, the Olympus PEN E-PL1 is on the top of my wishlist now. ish. this little micro four thirds camera is poisonous!

(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Astia 100, cross processed.)

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