Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have something to say..

Health is wealth.

but I da-bao-ed McD Chicken McNuggets as my dinner. sigh......

Monday, September 29, 2008


grrr grrr grrr.
lomography came out with a new film - the Lomography Red Scale negative.
the outcome superb lor!
but it's so so expensive.
3 rolls of that film would cost 15USD
ya. it's the matter of money, again.
argh! I shouldn't be thinking about films again, I have rolls of Provia, Velvia, EBX, T-Max, X-Pro in my drawer which are not used yet.
hmmph. should really take lotsa photos in campus!

my Holga 135 BC. taken with Fisheye 2, Kodak EBX.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

a picture to share. =)

picture taken by Fisheye 2 with Kodak EBX slide.

muk told me that she plans to get a Fisheye 2 too.
make me feel like I need to get a new lomo. hahahaha.
ya. I know both statements have no direct relationship, but believe me, they are really related, for me at least.
hmmmm. a Fuji Instax Mini? a Diana F+? a Holga 120?
let me think.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

blah! studying isnt't fun

if you ask me how was my first three days of studying.
i would tell you.

Structural and Engineering Mechanics is still okay for me.
but, I'm totally very very very not okay with Industry and Profession which is like 100% theories.
and the final exam stands for 100%~
yea. now I know why people hate exam so much.

lecturer was tongue-twisting always.
I have to be really concentrate in order to understand her. >.<

yea. I know how to draw lines and circles and squares now.
sweat. =.='''

I love Transport Issues. Mr. Goh is seriously funny! hahaha

Engineering Mathematic? no comment. =.=

that's all about my first three days.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

it's time..

going back to campus later around 4 something.
all my lectures will be starting tomorrow.
ya. by tomorrow I am officially a Civil Engineering Year 1 student.
kakaka. syok sendiri. =.=

My future, I'm cominggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg~

Friday, September 19, 2008

I <3 them.

erm. we've known each other for about, 5 years?
Never know that we could become that close at first.
even though we don't meet each other oftenly,
but we still manage to keep in touch and treasure our friendship.

hehe. my dear SS Family, this is a post for you guys.
Our memories together -

Mei, Muk, Sim and I. or you call it Mei Mei, Muk Muk, Sim Sim and Jhen Jhen. =P
I think this is taken when I was form 3 or 4.

Sing K in GreenBox Sg Wang. from left to right - Muk Muk, Sim Sim, Yin Yin, Jhen Jhen and Mei Mei. with our nicely designed Monster Tee.

CNY 2008. front - BeeGeok, Jhen, Mei, Kam.
back - Shushu CherYen, Dada, Sim, Muk and Wai Hong the big ass. =P
Sing K session in Neway, Klang.

Muk, Sim and I during the KLWMBC official dinner in Concorde Hotel, KL. =P

Sim, Jhen and Muk during the KLWMBC 2008 Volunteers Dinner.

This is the latest photo. taken last week. hehe.
Muk Muk, Sim Sim, Jhen Jhen and Yin Yin. =P

I think I could never find new friends who are as sweet as you guys. >.<


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


went back to my university for the induction programme.
Civil Engineering has so little students.
but well, I really happy that I have no class on Fridays for this semester.
then, the director of School of Civil Engineering, Dr. Reiner explained to us about the course.
in order to get a first class honour degree, I need at least 70% of average.
the average is counted like this -
Year 2 - 20%
Year 3 - 30%
Year 4 - 50%
[yup, I think I will do the MEng programme since this is the only way I can get my degree to be recognized.]

is 70% easy? nope I know it's not.
because you don't often see students graduating with a first class degree right?
but anyway, I will just carry on and do my best! HMMMM!

my modules for this semester -
Engineering Communication
Hydraulics 1
Industry and Profession
Infrastructure : Transport Issues
Structural and Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Mathematics 1

just wish me best of luck, ok?

p/s - I feel so excited when I look at the modules. XD

keep going. yeah!

oh ya. today is my best friend - AH MUK LEE a.k.a. MUK MUK a.k.a. APA a.k.a. MUK BA a.k.a. MUKKY [ok I would stop the a.k.a.s now.]'s birthday!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holga 135 BC + Lomo X-Pro

here are some pictures from my Holga 135 BC with Lomography X-Pro slides.
cross processed. =)

grandpa's birthday cake.

shaky Pavilion. took when Chomsurang was having a pocket show there.

many people love this vintage feel. I actually took it with the wrong mode. =.= Dataran Merdeka. when Chomsurang was having practice there.

one of my favourite shots. in Dataran Merdeka too. =P

Dataran too.

one road diverged into two?
black corner kao kao.

ok. STOP HERE! =)
finally, I would like to say,

Friday, September 12, 2008

sharing is caring.

since people say "sharing is caring"
now I am going to show you how much I care for you.
=.= LOL!
here are some photos to share with you guys.

Fisheye 2 with Kodak EBX. Cross processed.

we need Vitamin C. =)

my dog's hometown.

this is my favourite shot. =)
more Holga 135 BC shots will be coming soon.
hopefully tonight. =P

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Finally developed my Lomo XPro and Kodak EBX.
Lomo XPro was loaded in my Holga 135 BC while Kodak EBX in my Fisheye 2.
the first reaction when I saw my photo was-
"phew. luckily I did not waste my money for buying those slide films."
hey! they cost me RM16 each roll ok?!
well well.
just to share with you guys one of my best shots -

*taken with Holga 135 BC with Lomography X-Pro Slide. Cross processed.

more photos will be coming soon.
I'm having difficulty uploading them!
so, will be back with more photos. =)


给自己的情书 by Faye Wong

請不要灰心 你也會有人妒忌 你仰望到太高 貶低的只有自己
別盪失太早 旅遊有太多勝地 你記住你髮膚 會與你慶祝鑽禧

lalala 慰藉自己 開心的東西要專心記起
lalala 愛護自己 是地上拾到的真理
寫這高貴情書 用自言自語 作我的天書
自己都不愛 怎麼相愛 怎麼可給愛人好處
這千斤重情書 在夜闌盡處 如門前大樹 沒有他倚靠 歸家也不必撇雨

請不要哀傷 我會當你是偶像 你要別人憐愛 請安裝一個藥箱
做甚麼也好 別為著得到讚賞 你要強壯到底 再去替對方設想

拋得開手裡玩具 先懂得好好進睡
深古都攀過後 從泥濘重到這不甘心相信的金句

寫這高貴情書 用自言自語 作我的天書
自己都不愛 怎麼相愛 怎麼可給愛人好處
這千斤重情書 在夜闌盡處 如門前大樹 他不可倚靠 歸家也不必撇雨

我要給我 寫這高貴情書 用自言自語 作我的天書
自己都不愛 怎麼相愛 怎麼可給愛人好處
憑著我這千斤重情書 在夜闌盡處 如門前大樹 沒有他倚靠 歸家也不必撇雨
really like the lyrics of this song.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a lesson.

yesterday. dad fetched me to Rawang to pick up my parcel[my Provia and Velvia slide films]from the PosLaju office.
so we went to the post office in Rawang town.
and the lady said to me,
"Bukan sini-lah... you kena pergi Batu 20 sana.."
I was like. WHERE THE HELL IS BATU 20?!
ok. I told dad, maybe I can ask the person to post it to me again and I will wait at home for the parcel.
because they will return it to the sender if nobody picks up the parcel in 14 days.
yesterday was the 12th day.

dad did not say a thing.
after a few minutes, he said,
"OK, let's find out where is Batu 20"
after about 30 minutes of driving around Rawang town.
dad called up the PosLaju office and asked.
and we found out that the office is not in Rawang town!
it took us another 30 minutes to finally found tat stupid PosLaju Courier Office.

*yea. Post office and the PosLaju Courier office is different. now I know.
and the stupid PosLaju Courier office is actually located in a very very very super rural area in Rawang.
sweat lor.

finally. I got my beloved Fuji Provia and Velvia slide films.
>.< on the way back, dad said to me,
"Don't give up easily, dear. Asking the people to post again the parcel is a way to solve it, but it's not a way to solve it from the root. Who knows next time there will be another parcel which sent to our house and nobody is there? then you ask the people to post again? see. you're not solving the problem from the root. now you know the place already, so next time you know where to pick up your PosLaju parcel."

OMG! this is so very correct.
I learned a lesson.
thanks daddy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


finally I'm not alone.
no. I haven't got a boyfriend yet.

Finally I found another Thai freak.
my dearest tai yeye - Khai Mun
who has the same birthday with me.
and we have a lot of similarities!

he sent me a few thai songs.
just wanna share with you guys one of it.

Ticket - Ost. รักแห่งสยาม

enjoy! =)
but please don't ask me details about the song.
I seriously.
don't know how to read thai.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

new desire.

really want to get this.

Fuji Instax Mini 7S

this camera comes in Pink and Blue.
for special edition in Choco and White.
for me, either Pink or Blue will do. I don't want to pay more for a special edition. =D

even though films for polaroids are freaking expensive.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Jhen = Blue Wolf.

got to know this from Amirah's blog.

You are Blue Wolf, who is open, cheerful and a carefree type of person.
You possess very original atmosphere, and do not like to adjust yourself to others.
You prefer to act on your own and as you like it.
Therefore, at first people think you as a cool person, but once they get to know you, and trust is born, they will understand your good sense of humor and a friendly nature.
You tend to be indifferent and candid to opposite sex as well, so men think you as very bold woman.
But you are actually a soft hearted person.
You have no thought of depending on others.
You believe other people are other, you are you.
And will go on living your own way.
You will not be influenced by emotions.
You are true to your life as well.
Because you tend to be indifferent to the people and situation around you, you give an impression of being thoughtless person.
But once asked to do something, you will carry it out by putting in ever effort you possess.
You are very responsible person.
You tend to change your mind quickly.
And because you like changes, people think you as temperamental.
You have great energy to be able to carry out many things at once, and even if you are busy, once you set your mind, you will definitely carry it out.
You are unique type of woman.
You take time to find the best romance.
You look for honest person, and would act cautiously towards them.
When you get married, you will be good at carrying out housework, and will be able to create a happy family.

some of the points are so true! =)
get your result here - Click Here