Sunday, July 20, 2008

what the...

went and collected my photos today.
the roll which I loaded into my Holga 135 BC.
damn it. now I'm worried.
it's my loading problem? or the camera's problem?
argh! i will load another roll of Agfa Pro Pack into my holga and i will see.
but there're still some of the photos from my fisheye which surprised me.
one of it-

very obviously this was taken in Asia Jaya LRT station. =.=
this photo isn't nice enough?
I got another photo to amaze you. but not now. XD

okay. if you ask me about my holga.
I'm still very de sad about it. ish. T.T
okay, as what JS told me, this is lomography.
trial and error. =.=

okay. dad came home as the champion for his club's golf tournament.
he brought back a Panasonic Lumix FS3 + Tripod + 2G Panasonic SD Card + Leather Case for the cam + Camera Strap.
and one trophy and two bracelets [neh those for sports one.]
so this was the conversation -

Jhen : Pa~ you so geng neh! champion! can I have the tripod a? I can use with my holga.
Mr. Seah : take lah take lah.
Jhen : then papa, I help you explore about the camera lah!*
Mr. Seah : nah, take the camera lah!
Jhen : huh? you mean you're giving it to me ar?
Mr. Seah : yala.
Jhen : don't want lah. i shy shy neh. [i really said so] you use it la.
Mr. Seah : I got one Nikon edi mah. since you don't have a digicam, bring that around with you lah. but you buy your own memory card. I want that 2G.
Jhen : okay! no problem! HEHEHEHEHEHE....

*I always help 'exploring' all the gadgets at my home and I will teach my parents how to use it.

at night...
Mr. Seah : eh. the camera is given to you, jaga baik baik a.
Jhen : of course!
Mr. Seah : I brought that back with all my tears and sweats one ler.
Jhen : ok promise! =)

omg. now I forgot about the holga's thingy edi.
even though it's not the perfect camera in my mind.
but I'm still happy. =)
thanks papa! muacks muacks.

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