Wednesday, July 2, 2008


my Holga 135 BC reached my house safely today morning.
People keep asking me why bought a holga 135 instead of the 120 which uses medium film.
ish. the $$ to buy the 120 film and process them will be killing me. im still a student. a poor one. hahaha. cannot afford that.
and people keep asking me why i invested so much in lomography.
when you have the interest and passion on something, it doesn't matter.
remember, you have only one life, do what you think it's right? =)

I brought my holga out this afternoon.

can't help keep pressing the shutter.
ish. but it's kinda hard to focus.
need to practice still.
anyway, I wont know till i send my films for scanning. haha.
so now. I have two babies. my Holga 135 BC and Fisheye No. 2.

love both of them so muchie.

and i love this too -

my lucky zai. XD

next target?
Lomo X-Pro slide film.
and Agfa CT Precisa slide film.
i wan themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
but they cost rm16 per roll.
really need to think about it eh.

anyway, come to One Life Revolution exhibit with your friends and family! walk in the shoes of these affected children! =)


Durkin said...

yeah I am also thinking of getting the 35mm just because of the price. I also find it rather expensive. However I am going to force myself to learn to develop myself because that saves a lot of money!

Jhen said...

but it's hard to get those chemicals in Malaysia I think.
but anyway, Holga is seriously fun! =)