Thursday, July 3, 2008

Belle Gunness.

Belle Gunness with 3 of her children 4 years before she murdered them.

anyone knows who is Belle Gunness?
I read about this notorious lady from the latest issue of Discovery Channel Magazine [hey. this mag is much more interesting than CLEO and Seventeen. LOL.]
She is a serial killer at the turn of the 20th century.
One thing I must mention about is that she's 5'8" ft tall and over 200 lb, which is around 91kg.
We comment this as physically strong, not fat. okay? haha.

It's believed that she has killed over 49 people including all 4 of her own children.
so the other 45 people includes her husband, and her suitors after her husband is dead.
okay. here's another question. guys. do you find a woman who is 5'8" ft tall and 91kg attractive?
why so many guys went after Belle Gunness?
this is another mystery for me. LOL.
but, hard evidence supports only a lower number, around 25 - 35.
but that's scary enough isn't it?
a woman killed 25 to 35 man.

okay. you might be asking now. what's her motive of killing so many people?
erm. they lied to her?
they betrayed her?
or Belle Gunness loved them so much till she helped them to get to heaven even faster?
LOL. no.
Her apparent motive was to collect life insurance benefit. yes.
it was money. that's why we said, money is the evil root.

her first victim is her husband. sigh.
her husband died on 1900, on the day that two life insurance policies on him overlapped.
what a coincidence eh?
The family doctor claimed that her husband, Mr. Sorenson's death caused by heart failure.
but the first doctor who examined him thought it was caused from strychnine poisoning.
they had a little bit of argument, but autopsy wasn't considered at that time. because they found the death to be unsuspicious.
Then, Belle Gunness applied for the insurance money on the day after her husband's funeral.

Then I think she got addicted into applying for insurance money [duh!]
so she killed almost all of her suitors, whom she lured to marriage.
Till today, some of her suitors' bodies are not found yet.
You're now thinking, this woman is very scary right?

that's not the whole "legend" about her yet.
A body buried next to her husband was believed to be Belle Gunness. actually.
But last year, a team of forensic students exhumed the headless body from the graveyard [they are brave, don't you agree with that?]
One modern researcher believes that the remains of the headless body was a victim of Belle too.
Well, they are still conducting DNA tests [as it's like SO MANY years ago.]
now another mystery, so did Belle Gunness fake her death?
The answers are going to take some time. [again, as it's like SO MANY years ago]
They actually found an envelope, which they believe Gunness licked the flaps more than a century ago.
But they couldn't pull out any DNA from it.
so they now planning to exhume Gunness's sister.
If their DNA isn't a match, they will exhume another body, a woman who died in the California prison in 1931.
There were several witnesses at that about the woman convicted was Gunness, according to Discovery Channel Magazine, the most prolific female serial killer in the history.

wow. I can't wait for the answer.
erm. I think I should be a forensic scientist/chemist instead of an engineer engineering student.
LOL. I have not graduated yet. sigh. 4 more years to go.

anyway. Just to share about this woman with you.
not to scare you ok? =)
anyway, a movie about Gunness is in development.
I'm really interested to watch it! hehehe.

Commercial break.
After reading this, do you think life's precious? haha.
One Life Revolution.
You have one life, do something..

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