Saturday, July 26, 2008


ish. my name is actually in for the Liason Officers of KLWMBC.
ish. I'm going to take care of Chomsorang Uthpatham Marching Band, Thailand.
ish. They are arriving tomorrow.
ish. I'm going back Pahang later and I'll need to rush to KLIA tomorrow evening.
ish. among my friends, I work for the longest duration.
ish. but then I earned most $$.
ish. ah muk and sim got HK band.
ish. desmond got singapore band.
ish. my mom is so very worry about me.
ish. I wont be updating my blog from 27 July 2008 till 6 August 2008.
ish. I will be bringing my lomo with me. just wanna shoot shoot shoot.
ish. now I have to go back Pahang liao.
ish. bye.
ish. muacks muacks.
ish. miss ya!

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