Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jhen the Volunteer.

haha. now I'm officially the volunteer of World Vision's One Life Revolution! =)
Jo-Ann and I have been helping them since yesterday, till this sunday. [saturday we're off!]
yesterday was really quite hectic [but not for me, I was on duty in the merchandise booth] as YB Teresa Kok came for the opening ceremony.
and Elaine Dally was the host!
wow. But I didn't manage to take any photo because, I was having my lunch during the opening ceremony. hahaha.

So today, I was assigned to "jaga" merchandise booth too.
hahaha. suddenly they asked me to help out in the Impact Centre of the exhibit, which I was supposed to "encourage" the visitors to fill in the feedback form.
but guess what, only 1 out of 10 filled that in. >.<
Then, I went back to the merchandise booth continue selling these nice t-shirts, flip-flops and car sticker.
Jo-Ann was assigned to help out in the check-out point, which we call the collect-mp3-job.
I know she wasn't having fun inside. LOL.
I know.

As what I told Jo-Ann, things which do not involve money, are always simple.
The job is quite relaxing actually.
even though we don't get paid, but we still enjoy working with World Vision.
I feel so happy when people told me that they enjoy the exhibit very much.

Many people came and experience the lives of AIDS affected children, how about you?
come visit us for the exhibit! till this Sunday (13th July 2008) from 10am to 7pm.
for Friday and Saturday, extended till 10pm.
p/s- I have walked through 2 out of 3 stories of this exhibit. What I can tell you is it leaves me really great impact! Experience it yourself! =)

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