Sunday, July 20, 2008


yesterday I went Dataran Merdeka for KLWMBC training.
no, I wasn't very tired.
What we did was just walking. =.=
some photos to prove that I attended the training. LOL.

leng lui ah sim and I. no. don't ask me for her phone number. she has many fans edi [including the one who doesn't know what race he is. sigh.]

sim, desmond a.k.a. the CINAmond and I.

after the training, was only 12pm +. so we decided to drive all the way to Semenyih to eat the very well-known ikan bakar.

"If the fish is fresh, it tastes delicious no matter how you cook it." -Jhen 2008
front - desmond, jhen, karen
back - sim, ah muk

ignore the quote if you do not know the story. my point of putting that is just for them to laugh.
LOL. I'm such a joker. sweat.

then, we paid a visit [KLWMBC gang, this sounds so familiar eh?] to University of Nottingham a.k.a. University of Nothing Happens, Malaysia Campus. hahaha.
and I met kangling there! so excited. =)

next week would be our last training before the event. wowow. I can wait to know which band I'm going to incharge.

will blog again tonight. =)

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