Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spot Jhen the Lomographer!!!

u had fun spotting me in photos right?
so here are some photos for u guys.. XD
spot me!!
but i got no prize to give you.
broke edi lar...
tis is my primary 6 photo. erm. kinda. sigh.
i noe i am fat... [if you manage to spot me in this photo..}
no no i shud say, i was fat. and i am fat too now. SAD RIGHT??
okay another photo here..
i think this is slightly easier. LOL!
this is taken when I was form 5~
about two years ago lorrrrr~

oh did i tell you about i'm getting my Fisheye lomo 2ml?
i did right?
yea. will be finishing my finals by 2ml.
and i'll be having my 4 months summer holiday!
but i got nothing to do during these 4 months. =.=

and pls dun expect me to post up lomography photos by 2ml okay.
the camera is using film. not digital okay~
so give me about 2 weeks.. promiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

muacks muacks.

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