Sunday, May 25, 2008

Si Chuan Earthquake

watched a special programme regarding this earthquake just now.
One of the schools which was involved, 北川高中[Bei Chuan High School]
have started back some of their classes for their senior 3 students in some kinda temporary building.
They need to get this started fast because the senior 3 students are having their standardised exams [something like our SPM or STPM] really soon.
The host interviewed a few of the teachers and students.
The school had 2883 students before the disaster.
and now, they left only 823 students.

Many students said to the interviewer about, they feel really sad and even dreamt of their friends and the disaster every night.
at 1st glance, you won't know they actually faced such a big disaster.
teachers are trying to keep their sadness, and cheer their students up.
Boys are playing basketball, girls are playing around.
they are smiling.
but who knows, deep in their heart, it's such a big scar. a huge trauma.

some of the teachers lost their children in this earthquake.
one of the teachers said that he has not found her own daughter's death body yet.
but he's now on his duty, giving classes in the school.
he knows he has to make it clear, between his personal feelings, and the kids' future.
and one thing which seriously touched my heart, the interviewer actually told this teacher,
"the students will know how much you've actually contributed. you're really a great teacher."
tears were dropping out from my eyes when i heard this. i feel like saying the same thing to this teacher too.

another male teacher, said that all teachers were trying hard not to cry in front of their students.
they tried hard to cheer their students up, and give supports to them.
but, at the middle of the nights, when they are alone, they are actually crying.
they have lost almost everything after this earthquake.

and then, they interviewed one senior 3 boy.
he said that his best friend has passed away during the earthquake.
his best friend's parents came to him and asked him things about their child before he passed away.
and this boy did not actually know how to describe the whole story to them.
he actually witnessed everything, and he feels it's too cruel to be told to the parents.
so he did not tell a thing to the parents. no. not to make them sadder, right?

i feel im so fortunate now.
i cant imagine if there's a day, i lost my parents, my siblings, my everything, so suddenly.
i wouldn't know how am i going to face these.
but these teachers and students, who managed to stand up so fast, and so tough.
they're really great.

and now, i think back, those obstacles and problems i was struggling for, are actually tiny sand for them.
now, i've learnt to appreciate everyone and everything in my life.
be thankful that i have great family members, great friends, great opportunity to study, great life, etc etc..

to all SiChuan Earthquake victims, just as what Premier Wen Jia Bao has said,
stand strong, stay tough.

Last but not least, a song by most of the Hong Kong artists, specially recorded for the SiChuan Earthquake.
This song is adapted from Beyond's old song, the new lyrics composed by Andy Lau.



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