Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jhen the Lomographer!

now jhen is officially a lomographer. guess what.
i received my fisheye no. 2 today. all the way from lomographyasia headoffice in Hong Kong!
okok. i would hold my excitement for a while.

back to 25th May 2008 - Sunday -around 10.00p.m.
finally i have decided to order my Fisheye No. 2 from the Lomography Asia Pacific Online Shop which is located in Hong Kong.
nah this is the screenshot of the page. can u spot the fisheye?
after 'digesting' the page quite some while, i realized that they actually having a package like this -

whoa! a limited Fisheye No. 2 white edition, a ringflash and a pack of 5 pro film rolls. only for HKD 1050! [around RM440]
a white Fisheye edi cost about RM285 in Malaysia. and the ringflash is about RM280 or RM290 too. so this is definitely a good deal. wahahaha. so, I've decided to cancel my plan to get an iPod Nano. i took the package!

placed my order. and paid using mom's credit card. LOL!
Today, 27th May 2008 - Tuesday
around 3.30p.m. , FedEx gave me a call and told me that I have a package from Hong Kong. but the point of the call was actually they didn't know the way to my house lar. =.=
after about half an hour,
ta daaaaa! The FedEx van is here. aiks. should have taken the photo of the van. LOL.
and super cool lor. they asked me to sign on their PDA instead of signing on the paper like other currier services. wahahaha. thumbs up for FedEx!
nah! the this is what I got.
can't wait to open it... WAHAHAHAHAHHA

oooo i was so excited!

love at first sight. this is what it means.

these are what i bought!
super super happy lor! XD
two thumbs up for Lomography Asia!!!
took only less than 3 days to have my stuffs delivered!
from HongKong to Malaysia!
amazing service and efficiency, right??
okay. will post up my lomographs soon. XD
and will be having a new header very very soon!
p/s - not going to blog about fabio cannavaro anymore! i just wanna have fun with my lomo now! XD

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