Friday, May 16, 2008


I did not know i did not close my previous blog properly.
There were some words which might hurt somebody.
and I am so sorry for that.
I admit that my words were rude.
but to tell the truth, I was in anger that time.
so I need to say sorry to whom I hurt in my previous blog.

well, my apology is only apply for the blog entry thingy.

I did that because I thought nobody could read it.
Please do understand, I have my feelings too.

Some of you who read the blog entry might think I am double-faced.
Well, I wore the mask just because I did not want a disaster to happen.
If I am really honest, I could have just say bye to you a few months earlier.

Sorry was said. Explaination was stated.
To accept or not, it's up to you.
Thanks and again, Sorry.


This is my new blog.
ello? i mention it again, it's NEW!
headers and other things will be coming soon.
I am going to get myself a fisheye lomo next week.
so I am going to be a lomographer in a week time.

By here, I promise that I will try not to involve much personal feelings here.
I would keep it to myself.

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