Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lomography - The 10 Golden Rules

even tho im not officially a lomographer yet.
i would like to share with you guys the 10 golden rules of lomography..
and just a reminder - i did not create these on my own. =)

01 - "take your camera everywhere you go"
in bed, in gorki park, in a propellar-driven airplane or in the laundrette : you grab your camera and everything around you starts to vibrate with life, be prepared, keep your camera close at hand and ready for action everywhere and all the time.

02 - "use it any time - day and night"
every single second has its own unique, light, grey, colorful, woolly, profound, flat mood. your life is not going to wait for your camera, its rules and the fooling around involved. either - click - you have captured the situation as it is, or you haven't.

03 - "lomography is not an inteference in your life, but part of it"
lomography doesn't interrupt the direction your life is going, it's just a significant and integral part of it. just like talking, walking, sleeping, eating, thinking, drinking, laughing and loving. lomography is a powerful sign that you are alive.

04 - "try the shot from the hip"
it is as simple at it is unusual : you don't have to look through the viewfinder to take a good picture, no, on the contrary! give yourself more freedom in your choice of perspectives. hand up in the air, out in the front or behind your back. no limits - just your experience mixed with some luck.

05 - "approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible"
get close -click- from the wrist looking deep into the eyes, full frontal, close up and precisely whatever it is that interests you. laughing as you go, feeling good, so that everyone can see that lomography is the most obvious and natural thing in the world.

06 - "don't think"
put your head in the ice cold bathub, hold your breath, count to 100 and let your trouble dissolve. then jerk your head out again, and with it firmly on your shoulders, grab your camera and hit the streets. start snapping away. live it and have fun.

07 - "be fast"
a mere tenth of a second makes the difference between lomography or not lomography. just don't wasta any time with settings, adjustments, thinking about it, faffing around and procrastinating, first impressions have a quality all of their own, trust yourself.

08 - "you don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film"
give the random in lomography a chance. enjoy your new way of living with random occurrence. you're not here for lomography. lomography is here for you! lomography only works if the only thing you concentrate on is celebrating y our life.

09 - "afterwards either"
wow. that looks great. what's that. where was i there? your brain is running on top speed, your memory is spinning, your history is tumbling. no, you don't have to know exactly what's on the film even afterwards. just read between the lomographs.

10 - "don't worry about any rules"
forget the ten golden rules - discover your very own lomography. immerse yourself in what's going on. do it and do what you want but do it now.

adapted from

and i did not take those pictures. I just saved it from the net.plagiarism lor. cannot ar?
I will post up MY pictures when i get my lomo, okay? promise! =)

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