Sunday, June 15, 2008

I <3 5sc4

had a gathering with my high school friends in Pizza Hut, Kepong Metro Prima.
these are those who attended.

from left- Mei Li, Zi Qin, Amirah,my Fisheye 2, Hwee Fern,Hui Ting, Chu Shyen,

and from left,right,front,back,nowhere,blah!-me a.k.a. Jhen the Lomographer.

We talked and talked and talked for about 5 hours in the Pizza Hut.
erm. okay. we did order some food. a set for 6 people while we were waiting for chu shyen.
hahaha.she came late due to the inefficiency of our country's public transport. sigh.

yaya. our gathering was still one with a lot of lamb lame jokes.
(mei li would have a laugh if she sees this. XD)
the 1st joke was, Huei Liq thought our gathering is on the next saturday. DUH LA.
so. she did not turn up for our gathering.

Mei Li and Zi Qin kept arguing with each other. since we wanted to order our set.
till when we wanted to say goodbye.
what the others did? we just kept laughing and laughing.
yea. they are very funny. LOL.

glad to know that hweefern and chushyen is having a relationship.
fu yoh! when is my turn? *dreaming*
so let's predict, who's next? mei li? ziqin? or... amirah?

we discussed a lot about our school/uni/college life.
hui ting is having problem with her classmates, no, should i say, the classmates have the problem.
nevermind huiting, you're graduating soon. very very soon. LOL.
gambateh eh!

wait. they said I've became more girlish edi.
read this if you wanna know more. see mission no. 4. =)

arg. now I wish i could go back to secondary school.
well i can tell you honestly, i dun really enjoy life in my uni.
do not ever ever ask me why. it's a sensitive issue. LOL!

well. glad to know all my friends are doing well.
future engineers, future businesswomen, future psychologists.
wahahaha. we're all successful young ladies. kakakaka.

so friends, when's the next gathering eh?

p/s- please do not ask me dumb question like why all attended are girls. ello. I STUDIED IN A GIRLS SCHOOL. LOL! and why din i post more photos in this entry? read this, now you sure you wanna see more photos?

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Cheryl said...

by the way, it sounds weird la when u say chushyen and fern is HAVING a relationship.
I am not in love with her!!