Thursday, June 26, 2008

Holga 135 BC

My new baby is now reached Malaysia already. =)
see the latest tracking in DHL :

Shipment delivered June 26, 2008 11:15

my Holga is now with Hanif now!
BUT! as if not mistaken, he's now away to Sarawak. and won't be able to post me my Holga in these few days.
aiks. But I'm still very happy with the arrival of my Holga to Malaysia.
welcome to Malaysia babe. =)

anyway, about results, dad said these words to me,
"Study harder-lah!"
hahaha. I didn't know what to say because I did not really study properly for the last semester.
but, I promise I will do better when I'm in UG.
I want a first class so desperately!
I mean you know, it's important for a civil engineer you know.
especially when you're a girl and one of the things to prove that you can do the job is your results.
been discussing about transferring to UK with my parents these few weeks.
I so want to go UK. LOL. you know, international exposure is important for your career too.
but since they're the one who's paying. They will be the one who's deciding for me too.

sent my 3 rolls of films to the photoshop yesterday.
might be collecting it tonight or tomorrow.
argh. can't wait to see those pictures.
I'm so so nervous now.

anyway, was discussing with muk muk about T-shirts business.
anybody interested in buying statement tees?
like these -

if you're interested to buy~ we will be interested to sell it also. LOL.

but that will be around august? cause our dear muk muk is now very not free. >.<

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