Saturday, August 30, 2008


it's been quite some time I did not update.
went for KLWMBC 2008 Volunteers dinner yesterday night.
erm. the dinner was just okay.
we basically, we the Liaison Officers [known as L.O.s] had great fun.
some photos to share -

outside the hall.

the only few Chinese L.O.s - Muk and Sim [L.O. Hong Kong], Jhen [L.O. Chomsurang], Desmond [L.O. Singapore]

back - Jhen, Muk, Aqieq, Sim front - blackieeee

Jhen and Datuk Man. hahahahaha!

the girls L.O. sweeeeeeeet

US~ =D

Ayieq, Jhen and Desmond.

a cake for all L.O.s yum yum. Blueberry Cheesecake.

Sim + Jhen + Muk. best friends forever. muacks muacks.

and for those who brought nice nice big big DSLR during the dinner. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS la.

can't wait to see them. XD

and finally! I GOT MY ALLOWANCE!
should I just save it for a trip to Bangkok? or buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Pink?


Monday, August 25, 2008


What's happiness to you?

a bright sunny day?

delicious food?

your childhood?

a luxurious car?

or spending time together with your best buddies?

received an email from my friend, Shi Wei.
this mail entitled, "Happiness is a journey, not a destination."
think of it seriously,
this title sounds really true, isn't it?

We must admit that, as we grow up, we tend to forget our true-selves.
We tend to pretend a lot.
in front of different people, during different situations.
and after that,
we are living without sincerity and honesty most of the time.
People come to you in order to get some benefits from you and vice versa.
and in the end, we lost happiness.

we are all victims of the reality.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


tagged by Huei Liq.

1. Where is your cell phone?
on my bed.

2. Your significant other?
I have no idea. >.<

3. Your hair?
just dyed last month. was red but now turned into sum kinda bronze color.

4. Your mother?
nicely sleeping.

5. Your father?
nicely sleeping.

6. Your favorite thing?

7. Your dream last night?
I didn't have a dream last night, I THINK.

8. Your favorite drink?
for now, Milo 3in1

9. Your dream/goal?
be the richest woman in the world. wahaha.

10. The room you’re in?
my bedroom.

11. Your hobby?
sleeping and eating of course. LOL! and lomography. =)

12. Your fear?
whatever that's scary.

13. Where do you want to be in six years?
anywhere but not Malaysia. LOL!

14. What you’re not?
your girl next door.

15. Muffins?
owh! I love Kenny Rogers ones.

16. One of your wish list items?
to meet my cup of tea. wahaha.

17. Where you grew up?

18. The last thing you did?
eating an egg tart. oops.

19. What are you wearing?
white tee blue shorts.

20. Favorite gadget?
I don't know.

21. Your pets?
lucky my shih tzu.

22. Your computer?
Dell Inspiron 640m.

23. Your mood?
kinda bad for now.

24. Missing someone?

25. Your car?
need to be decorated. wahaha.

26. Something you’re not wearing?

27. Favourite store?

28. Like someone?
I like all my friends. =P

29. Your favourite colour?

30. When is the last time you laughed?
I forgot.

31. Last time you cried?
5 days ago? my best friend knows why.

Swee Loo
Swee Loo
Swee Loo
Swee Loo
Swee Loo
Swee Loo


My another lomo wall. =P

now it makes me feel like making a real lomo wall. my room is so so blank. okay. will talk about it only when I have enough $$. >.<

Friday, August 22, 2008


these few days bad memories keep flashing in my head.

dump them into the rubbish bin.

I shall believe another spring is coming. [spring often represents happiness for Chinese.]

wow. the world is wonderful! =P

Evan in is having stock for Fuji Sensia 200 expired again.
ish. the film I wanted to buy before working for KLWMBC.
but when I came back, that is out of stock.
now she has 10 rolls of it and each costs RM12.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa should I? should I take like.. maybe 5 rolls?
aaaaaaaaaaaaa but I am broke.
KLWMBC has not pay me yet! damn it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I miss those times working for One Life Revolution suddenly.
The week that I worked for World Vision One Life Revolution was one of the best weeks for my summer break.
I heard that they have another successful round last week and Penang Gurney Plaza.
Good Job everyone! =)
I hope I can join you guys again for the next round in KL.
if I have time, I would definitely volunteer myself again! =)

One Life, Do Something..

OLR will be going to Kuantan East Coast Mall on the 16-19 Oct 2008. If you're around, take some time and walk a journey on the shoes of AIDS affected children. This exhibit is really amazing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


yesterday I was chatting with P Yoei.
yes, the crazy thai guy.
and this is part of the conversation -

Jhen : Have you taken your dinner?
Yoei : No. Because fat.
Yoei : You fat! hahahaha
Jhen : I wanna diet.

Yoei : But you keep eating!

insulting, isn't it? sob sob.
after some serious considerations.
now I decided to actually control my diet. LOL.
I want to lose some weight. and guess what? I've actually lost about 5kg since the summer break started. But I look the same. still fat plump.

Say No to
Soft Drinks
Junk Food
Fast Food
J.Co and Big Apple donuts T.T
Oily food
food after 7.30p.m.

and to become healthier I would also say no to coffee and tea.
Just don't want to get addicted to caffeine.

Say Yes to
more exercise
a healthier Jhen.

wow! seems like the thais left me one more great impact!
No. I did not fall in love with any of them.
they just made me realized that, I am fat. LOL.
So I came up with diet plan. hmph!


bye bye potato chips!

and oh ya. my dear friends. I officially BROKE now.
I spent a lot on expired slide films.
Fuji Provia 100F 10 rolls - RM170
Fuji Velvia 100F 5 rolls - RM65
postage - RM10
total - RM245

wow! I am crazy right?
Just as what ah muk said to me
You're a lomographer, if you don't invest in films and cameras, takkan you want buy cosmetics?

that is so very true!
moreover, is having a promotion for the films! It's discounted ok?
the normal price would be RM200+ for 10 rolls of Provia.
so now I must must grab the chance to sapu these discounted films. kekekekee

Sunday, August 17, 2008

sigh lah!

I feel lonely.
so suddenly.

no. it's not true from my heart. no.
you may think it's just a caption for the lomographic. =)

Friday, August 15, 2008

beautiful memories.

It's exactly one week and one day since Chomsurang left.
I did enjoy the process of the whole event very very much.
I always believe that process is actually better than the outcome or the memories because the experience will always be colorful.
while the outcome might turn into dust.
the memories might fade away one day.
before these nice memories fade away, I got to admit that the 11 days with Chomsurang Upatham School is one of the best weeks of my life.

I realized that I always post up irrelevant pictures with my posts.
ish. you all just imagine-lah ok?

anyway. guys and girls, the KLWMBC 2008 Volunteers Dinner will be on 22nd of Aug!
I will be getting my $$ on that day! weeeee!

will save part of the money for a trip to Bangkok, as stated in my wishlist at the side.
and will spend around RM200 to get some films in
my current target -
Fuji Velvia Expired 10 rolls
LomoFilm Pack Fine Color - 9 rolls.


Fuji Velvia Expired 10 rolls
LomoFilm Pack Fine Color - 3 rolls
Lomography X-pro Slide - 5 rolls.

anybody would like to sponsor me?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

those were the days..

Prelude[his name in hi5], Yoei and I. =)

Jhen, Yoei and Eoo. crazy. hahaha. they asked me to open my mouth so I did. >.<

Volunteers for KLWMBC 2008! =) spot me? keke

taken in KLIA. I know I have posted this before. but I still wanna post it again. =P

okay. show off finished. LOL.
I just got the first two photos yesterday night.
Yoei sent it to me through MSN. hehehe.
yes. I'm still keeping contact with some of them with MSN and Hi5.
next week they will be having their Percussion Competition or something.
wish them all the best!
I think Junt, Gruss and Eoo are involved with it. hmph.
Chock-di nah!
updates about lomography -
I thought I would have chance to actually snap many many pictures during the KLWMBC
but guess what? I did not.
I took less than 20 photos with my Holga 135 BC.
because I was too busy for the event.
and because the Xpro Slide Film is too expensive. LOL.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life goes on..

I wish I could stop the time.
Moments with Chomsurang Upatham Marching Band were just too wonderful.
But I know, I couldn't stop the time.
Life goes on.

โชคดี to all people who made this KLWMBC 2008 so wonderful!
good luck in your life! =)


December I go Thailand with Airasia to find you all can? XD
Anyone wants to join me?


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thai fever.

My close friends would know,
Jhen.the.Lomographer a.k.a. me.
is suffering from a chronic Thai fever.

oh ya.
just to show off a bit.
here's a photo showing all the gifts I received from Chomsurang students and staffs and directors.

I have a fan, from the Chomsurang Upatham School.
yellow wristband from Peet.
blue wristband from Noom.
a Pearl drum tuning key from Eoo.
the chocolate bar from Gruss.
the black cute doll from Yoei. [which looks like him very much!]
a coin from Beam.
a CJ 7 pouch, CJ 7 handphone accesories, a colorful bracelet, two necklaces, one Mickey handkerchief and one Spongebob doll from the girls. [too many to be named.]

argh! I left out a Minnie keychain from Noom.

and a message from Junt,
"hey, diet!"

and of course.
memory that would last forever.


I miss them so so muchie now. >.<

Thursday, August 7, 2008

KLWMBC 2008. the end.

the hectic 11 days is now finished.
Still remember how miserable I was when I knew that I have to incharge one of the Thailand bands.
Chomsurang Upatham Marching Band.
a name that I will never forget.
I had great time with the band during these 11 days.
their staffs, their directors and their members.
friendly faces, great smiles.
argh. and now they're back in Thailand.
I really miss them a lot a lot!
and I cried in the airport. T.T
Didn't manage to take photo with all of them [there were 108 of them!]
but there're still some photos to show-lah.
Chomsurang Upatham Marching Band, Thailand!

the champion of Drum Battle 2008 having a pocket show in Pavilion. cool right?

The drumline on Selamat Pagi Malaysia.

----------------Jhen and the Conductors on the Grand Final----------------

Jun Junt and Jhen Jhen. =) he asked me to diet before he left. hey Junt, take your shower daily ok?!

Jhen and Huttori Hanzo [his nickname in hi5]. He's actually much more taller than I am. Just that I asked him to bend a bit. LOL! I LIKE THE WAY THE CONDUCT! and thanks for telling me Coke and Choc is fattening and I should diet. =.=

Duang and Jhen.

Another conductor and Jhen. I don't know his name lor. He didn't talk much.

----------------Jhen and some other members----------------

Eoo and Jhen. Pi Eoo [means brother Eoo in Thai] the Ultraman lover. XD He teaches the snare drummers. he can play snare like crazy people!

Yoei and Jhen. the crazy man!

He's crazy! he challenged me the flying coaster in Genting. for twice. ish. made me dizzy.

pretty right? =)

she's cute!

makan-toilet-sedap! haha. this guy is funny!

one of the colorguards and Jhen. she's pretty too!

Colorguard from Wat Rajabopit [the champion of KLWMBC 2008] and I.

two of the field marshalls and I. =)

the snare drummer of Chomsurang and I. he can play really very very well la! taken in Putrajaya.

I'm not sure whose legs are here. erm. the shoe at the 6 o'clock direction is mine. on my right is Eoo's shoe. the overlap one is Huttori Hanzo [I think they call him Ket]'s shoe.

Now, they left. ish. I MISS THEM A LOT A LOT!


hey guys and girls. SEE YA AGAIN IN MALAYSIA! I promise to bring you all to eat better Malaysian food! that Somphop would not need to pay RM40 for a plate a mixed rice! ooops.


thanks Chomsurang for giving me such a great memory. =)

Monday, August 4, 2008

sawadi ka

greetings from Citrius Hotel!
haven't done with my job for KLWMBC yet.
I'm now curently enjoying myself for this job!
they're leaving on 6th of Aug.
I'm so gonna miss them!
after I have done with this job first.