Tuesday, August 19, 2008


yesterday I was chatting with P Yoei.
yes, the crazy thai guy.
and this is part of the conversation -

Jhen : Have you taken your dinner?
Yoei : No. Because fat.
Yoei : You fat! hahahaha
Jhen : I wanna diet.

Yoei : But you keep eating!

insulting, isn't it? sob sob.
after some serious considerations.
now I decided to actually control my diet. LOL.
I want to lose some weight. and guess what? I've actually lost about 5kg since the summer break started. But I look the same. still fat plump.

Say No to
Soft Drinks
Junk Food
Fast Food
J.Co and Big Apple donuts T.T
Oily food
food after 7.30p.m.

and to become healthier I would also say no to coffee and tea.
Just don't want to get addicted to caffeine.

Say Yes to
more exercise
a healthier Jhen.

wow! seems like the thais left me one more great impact!
No. I did not fall in love with any of them.
they just made me realized that, I am fat. LOL.
So I came up with diet plan. hmph!


bye bye potato chips!

and oh ya. my dear friends. I officially BROKE now.
I spent a lot on expired slide films.
Fuji Provia 100F 10 rolls - RM170
Fuji Velvia 100F 5 rolls - RM65
postage - RM10
total - RM245

wow! I am crazy right?
Just as what ah muk said to me
You're a lomographer, if you don't invest in films and cameras, takkan you want buy cosmetics?

that is so very true!
moreover, Lomography.com is having a promotion for the films! It's discounted ok?
the normal price would be RM200+ for 10 rolls of Provia.
so now I must must grab the chance to sapu these discounted films. kekekekee

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