Thursday, August 7, 2008

KLWMBC 2008. the end.

the hectic 11 days is now finished.
Still remember how miserable I was when I knew that I have to incharge one of the Thailand bands.
Chomsurang Upatham Marching Band.
a name that I will never forget.
I had great time with the band during these 11 days.
their staffs, their directors and their members.
friendly faces, great smiles.
argh. and now they're back in Thailand.
I really miss them a lot a lot!
and I cried in the airport. T.T
Didn't manage to take photo with all of them [there were 108 of them!]
but there're still some photos to show-lah.
Chomsurang Upatham Marching Band, Thailand!

the champion of Drum Battle 2008 having a pocket show in Pavilion. cool right?

The drumline on Selamat Pagi Malaysia.

----------------Jhen and the Conductors on the Grand Final----------------

Jun Junt and Jhen Jhen. =) he asked me to diet before he left. hey Junt, take your shower daily ok?!

Jhen and Huttori Hanzo [his nickname in hi5]. He's actually much more taller than I am. Just that I asked him to bend a bit. LOL! I LIKE THE WAY THE CONDUCT! and thanks for telling me Coke and Choc is fattening and I should diet. =.=

Duang and Jhen.

Another conductor and Jhen. I don't know his name lor. He didn't talk much.

----------------Jhen and some other members----------------

Eoo and Jhen. Pi Eoo [means brother Eoo in Thai] the Ultraman lover. XD He teaches the snare drummers. he can play snare like crazy people!

Yoei and Jhen. the crazy man!

He's crazy! he challenged me the flying coaster in Genting. for twice. ish. made me dizzy.

pretty right? =)

she's cute!

makan-toilet-sedap! haha. this guy is funny!

one of the colorguards and Jhen. she's pretty too!

Colorguard from Wat Rajabopit [the champion of KLWMBC 2008] and I.

two of the field marshalls and I. =)

the snare drummer of Chomsurang and I. he can play really very very well la! taken in Putrajaya.

I'm not sure whose legs are here. erm. the shoe at the 6 o'clock direction is mine. on my right is Eoo's shoe. the overlap one is Huttori Hanzo [I think they call him Ket]'s shoe.

Now, they left. ish. I MISS THEM A LOT A LOT!


hey guys and girls. SEE YA AGAIN IN MALAYSIA! I promise to bring you all to eat better Malaysian food! that Somphop would not need to pay RM40 for a plate a mixed rice! ooops.


thanks Chomsurang for giving me such a great memory. =)


ah mukmukkkkkk said...

hahaha...syok rite? no regret rite?
dono who ah..that time keep merajuk ah...dono wan go onot la..bla bla bla...haiz...kla good luck to u anyway...still having ur holiday rite? kla!! enjoyyyy laaa....

Jhen said...

very syok and no regret!
I started to miss them very much edi.
ish ish.

alice* said...

all the thailand ahmoi so pretty!

Jhen said...

hahaha yaya! the kids are very cute and pretty ler!
i seriously wanna meet them again!