Wednesday, August 13, 2008

those were the days..

Prelude[his name in hi5], Yoei and I. =)

Jhen, Yoei and Eoo. crazy. hahaha. they asked me to open my mouth so I did. >.<

Volunteers for KLWMBC 2008! =) spot me? keke

taken in KLIA. I know I have posted this before. but I still wanna post it again. =P

okay. show off finished. LOL.
I just got the first two photos yesterday night.
Yoei sent it to me through MSN. hehehe.
yes. I'm still keeping contact with some of them with MSN and Hi5.
next week they will be having their Percussion Competition or something.
wish them all the best!
I think Junt, Gruss and Eoo are involved with it. hmph.
Chock-di nah!
updates about lomography -
I thought I would have chance to actually snap many many pictures during the KLWMBC
but guess what? I did not.
I took less than 20 photos with my Holga 135 BC.
because I was too busy for the event.
and because the Xpro Slide Film is too expensive. LOL.

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