Friday, August 15, 2008

beautiful memories.

It's exactly one week and one day since Chomsurang left.
I did enjoy the process of the whole event very very much.
I always believe that process is actually better than the outcome or the memories because the experience will always be colorful.
while the outcome might turn into dust.
the memories might fade away one day.
before these nice memories fade away, I got to admit that the 11 days with Chomsurang Upatham School is one of the best weeks of my life.

I realized that I always post up irrelevant pictures with my posts.
ish. you all just imagine-lah ok?

anyway. guys and girls, the KLWMBC 2008 Volunteers Dinner will be on 22nd of Aug!
I will be getting my $$ on that day! weeeee!

will save part of the money for a trip to Bangkok, as stated in my wishlist at the side.
and will spend around RM200 to get some films in
my current target -
Fuji Velvia Expired 10 rolls
LomoFilm Pack Fine Color - 9 rolls.


Fuji Velvia Expired 10 rolls
LomoFilm Pack Fine Color - 3 rolls
Lomography X-pro Slide - 5 rolls.

anybody would like to sponsor me?

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