Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a lesson.

yesterday. dad fetched me to Rawang to pick up my parcel[my Provia and Velvia slide films]from the PosLaju office.
so we went to the post office in Rawang town.
and the lady said to me,
"Bukan sini-lah... you kena pergi Batu 20 sana.."
I was like. WHERE THE HELL IS BATU 20?!
ok. I told dad, maybe I can ask the person to post it to me again and I will wait at home for the parcel.
because they will return it to the sender if nobody picks up the parcel in 14 days.
yesterday was the 12th day.

dad did not say a thing.
after a few minutes, he said,
"OK, let's find out where is Batu 20"
after about 30 minutes of driving around Rawang town.
dad called up the PosLaju office and asked.
and we found out that the office is not in Rawang town!
it took us another 30 minutes to finally found tat stupid PosLaju Courier Office.

*yea. Post office and the PosLaju Courier office is different. now I know.
and the stupid PosLaju Courier office is actually located in a very very very super rural area in Rawang.
sweat lor.

finally. I got my beloved Fuji Provia and Velvia slide films.
>.< on the way back, dad said to me,
"Don't give up easily, dear. Asking the people to post again the parcel is a way to solve it, but it's not a way to solve it from the root. Who knows next time there will be another parcel which sent to our house and nobody is there? then you ask the people to post again? see. you're not solving the problem from the root. now you know the place already, so next time you know where to pick up your PosLaju parcel."

OMG! this is so very correct.
I learned a lesson.
thanks daddy!

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