Monday, September 1, 2008

Jhen = Blue Wolf.

got to know this from Amirah's blog.

You are Blue Wolf, who is open, cheerful and a carefree type of person.
You possess very original atmosphere, and do not like to adjust yourself to others.
You prefer to act on your own and as you like it.
Therefore, at first people think you as a cool person, but once they get to know you, and trust is born, they will understand your good sense of humor and a friendly nature.
You tend to be indifferent and candid to opposite sex as well, so men think you as very bold woman.
But you are actually a soft hearted person.
You have no thought of depending on others.
You believe other people are other, you are you.
And will go on living your own way.
You will not be influenced by emotions.
You are true to your life as well.
Because you tend to be indifferent to the people and situation around you, you give an impression of being thoughtless person.
But once asked to do something, you will carry it out by putting in ever effort you possess.
You are very responsible person.
You tend to change your mind quickly.
And because you like changes, people think you as temperamental.
You have great energy to be able to carry out many things at once, and even if you are busy, once you set your mind, you will definitely carry it out.
You are unique type of woman.
You take time to find the best romance.
You look for honest person, and would act cautiously towards them.
When you get married, you will be good at carrying out housework, and will be able to create a happy family.

some of the points are so true! =)
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