Tuesday, September 16, 2008


went back to my university for the induction programme.
Civil Engineering has so little students.
but well, I really happy that I have no class on Fridays for this semester.
then, the director of School of Civil Engineering, Dr. Reiner explained to us about the course.
in order to get a first class honour degree, I need at least 70% of average.
the average is counted like this -
Year 2 - 20%
Year 3 - 30%
Year 4 - 50%
[yup, I think I will do the MEng programme since this is the only way I can get my degree to be recognized.]

is 70% easy? nope I know it's not.
because you don't often see students graduating with a first class degree right?
but anyway, I will just carry on and do my best! HMMMM!

my modules for this semester -
Engineering Communication
Hydraulics 1
Industry and Profession
Infrastructure : Transport Issues
Structural and Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Mathematics 1

just wish me best of luck, ok?

p/s - I feel so excited when I look at the modules. XD

keep going. yeah!

oh ya. today is my best friend - AH MUK LEE a.k.a. MUK MUK a.k.a. APA a.k.a. MUK BA a.k.a. MUKKY [ok I would stop the a.k.a.s now.]'s birthday!


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sansan said...

I thought you are doing the same course as KangLing. Anyway, all the best to you=)

P.S I didn't know you own Plurk. Can I add you? hahaha..