Friday, September 19, 2008

I <3 them.

erm. we've known each other for about, 5 years?
Never know that we could become that close at first.
even though we don't meet each other oftenly,
but we still manage to keep in touch and treasure our friendship.

hehe. my dear SS Family, this is a post for you guys.
Our memories together -

Mei, Muk, Sim and I. or you call it Mei Mei, Muk Muk, Sim Sim and Jhen Jhen. =P
I think this is taken when I was form 3 or 4.

Sing K in GreenBox Sg Wang. from left to right - Muk Muk, Sim Sim, Yin Yin, Jhen Jhen and Mei Mei. with our nicely designed Monster Tee.

CNY 2008. front - BeeGeok, Jhen, Mei, Kam.
back - Shushu CherYen, Dada, Sim, Muk and Wai Hong the big ass. =P
Sing K session in Neway, Klang.

Muk, Sim and I during the KLWMBC official dinner in Concorde Hotel, KL. =P

Sim, Jhen and Muk during the KLWMBC 2008 Volunteers Dinner.

This is the latest photo. taken last week. hehe.
Muk Muk, Sim Sim, Jhen Jhen and Yin Yin. =P

I think I could never find new friends who are as sweet as you guys. >.<


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