Sunday, February 8, 2009

my beLOVEd friends. <3

**This post is requested by Mr. Low Kah Jin too. **

Dear friends,
How are you? I haven't heard of you for quite some time.
LOL. stop crapping
since you guys are so important to my life, I decided to do something evil good for you.

and dear readers, let me introduce to you, my beLOVEd friends.
Name - Yiu San San
Gender - Female [duh! isn't that obvious?]
Status - Not available. [as you can see from my facebook, she's married to me. so those flies out there, shooo shoooo! go away! no sansan I'm not saying that you're a piece of shit. oh i never.]

Name - Low Kah Jin
Gender - Male [this is obvious also right? unless he looks like a gay to you...=.=''']
Status - oh oh. this guy is single. but he said he enjoys single life now so he doesn't need a girlfriend for now. so blind girls out there, shoo shooo also for now. hahahaha.

and here I present to you, Mr. Samuel Tan Chin Ming! eh no. this is a pervert funny version of him. he normally looks like this -

Name - Samuel Tan Chin Ming
Gender - Male
Status - okay, this is is hunting finding for a girlfriend. whoever thinks she's qualified, please contact me, interviews and trainings will be arranged. =)[eh eh samuel, like this help you ok boh?]

and finally.....

Name - sexy Sam Ng Jun San
Gender - Male
Status - undefined. [he's so mysterious till I really don't know about his status. well, give me sometime to explore about it. hahaha.]

some random pictures of my friends. =)

SanSan with her I-am-wake look. hahaha

Mr. Low Stupid. hahaha.

Samuel trying to imitate Jin?!

Mr. Sam gambling. wowow!

The guys. hahaha.

Yours sincerely,

Seah Jhen Jhen XD

all photos taken with Fisheye2 attached with RingFlash. =)

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is that true on what you wrote
how true are they