Monday, February 23, 2009

a good news and a bad news

well. got my results today.
I am happy to say
average - 77%
no. I'm not showing off. but expressing my excitement in my own blog. =)
my tutor, Ir. Dr. Chan told me that I'm ranked second in the class.
wow. this is something extra. to make me happy.

but at night.
Hwee Fern brought me a sad news.
seriously sad.
my form teacher for form 5, Pn. Salina has passed away.
as Fern said, hope that she is in a better place now.
R.I.P. Pn. Salina.
we'll miss you always, forever.

anyway, congratulations to Yiu San San, who is the first in our class. =P
yea, us girls are leading. XD
and of course to all the other classmates.
well done and good job guys.
let's work harder for this semester.

oh oh. surveying practical is tomorrow and I'm gonna get my cap and sunblock ready.
wish me luck then.

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desmondChua said...

haha.. so happy!! congratz!! i think u deserve it!!!