Friday, February 6, 2009


sent 4 rolls of films to the photo lab and finally got it back today.
very very satisfied with all the photos.
let me share with you few of the shots.

Holga 135 BC shots with Lomography X-Pro slides -

this photo reminds me of the song "最佳拍档" hahaha

Fisheye2 shots with Fuji Velvia -

Fisheye2 shots with Fuji Provia


my favourite shot of all. =) the World Aids Day ribbon I got from OLR.


desmondChua said...

wah... nice photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like !!!

Jhen said...

thanks thanks
i like these 4 rolls de photos oso.
still got much more to be uploaded.

Jin said...

nice pics !!!
(im crying jor lolz)

Jhen said...

cry ur head la stupid!