Saturday, February 7, 2009


**Mr. Low Kah Jin requested for this post. **

I don't know why,
Sam, Samuel, Jin, SanSan and I got much closer after the Genting trip.
SanSan and I once discuessed about it,
but we found no answer.

SanSan actually asked me,
"How long will this friendship last? till Year 2, or Year 3?"

I didn't actually give her an answer as I remembered.
but I smiled to her.

How long will this friendship last?



I don't know.

But I hope it's forever.

*top photo - Fisheye2 with Fuji Velvia
bottom photo - Holga 135 BC with Lomography X-Pro Slide.


Jin said...

well well well, i expected it in chinese, and it failed to make me cry =p but i guess this only the 1st part, am i right? lolz

jhenjhen u no need tedi mentioned my name bah? =.="

hmm, i dono why too.. maybe trip made friendship? lolz..
whatever bah, "hua hi jiu ho" =p

about the duration, just take it easy bah, we cant control it, lolz..
but, forever rock =p
and how come sansan will ONLY asked till year2 or 3? she really pig xia, hahaha

alright, im waiting for the next part =)

Jhen said...

wan next part meh?
i will start posting up those fisheye photos liao de wor...