Friday, October 29, 2010


i have been really really busy these days.
projects, assignments and courseworks. (and dramas as well. oops.)

i am sorry that i didn't update my blog as usual as i used to. :(
and guess what, i haven't even start researching for photolabs who do film processing around nottingham. sigh, anybody can give me any guidance?

went to the cheshire oak designer outlet last week and had really great fun shopping there. lol. do not ask how much i have spent there, please.
here is one of the photos taken in the i-don't-know-where-is-it train station, named Stockport. lol.

and this train station comes with a platform number zero. yea, zero.
we thought we were supposed to bang the column in order to board the train, like the harry potter does. lol. non sense. but i was really surprised to see a platform zero. hahaha or maybe im just one of the kampung girl who hasn't done exploring the UK. lol.

recently i got really really addicted into Tanya Tsai's album, 抛物线. yea, i know it's not a new album, but still, it's super nice. hahaha. now i understand why she won the best female singer in taiwan. her songs are just, heart-touching.

aaaah. random much. lol.

p/s - don't think about only me, reverse the 'm' and think about we. yea, im annoyed by selfish people recently. lol.

(Photo taken by Olympus PEN E-PL1)

Friday, October 8, 2010

lomography pop 9

i used to think that the multi-lens lomo cameras are kinda, erm, not too interesting.
that time ss family (my very best friends!) was having this multi-lens fever where lee ahmuk decided to buy a supersampler and ter simsim decided to buy the actionsampler.
so i thought, why not i give a try, since i was having some piggies to spend and i oni needed to top up a small amount.
so i chosen the POP-9!
kia su mah, both supersampler and actionsampler only have 4 lens, while pop9 has 9! lol.
since the black one looks really ugly, i bought the gold one instead. :D

even though the results were not as mesmerizing as the LC-A+ or Holga use to give, but i swear that Pop-9 is the most fun and interesting lomo camera i have ever had. seriously.

one of my favourite shots -

lesson of the story -
do not frame yourself. why not stand out of the circle and give yourself more choices? this is my current point of view for my future career. hahaha.

spent quite a lot of pounds recently in getting some stuffs. aiks,seriously wanna save for a new mattress, this current old one is causing me backache. :( and why mattresses are so expensive in the UK? all of them are at least £100 or more. sigh. and i want a new coat so i have a bit of variety (im wearing the same one to class daily), i want Uniqlo's heattech tees to keep me warm, i want the zara's ankle boots and anya hindmarch's tote bag.

lol okay. i shall be really really disciplined not to over spend. no shopping, no shopping.

p/s - the priority of mine when im in UK isn't my studies, but meals i have everyday. whenever im free, i'd be thinking of what to eat for next meal. =.=||| please do not ask me my weight.

p/s again - peer pressure is killing me. arghhhhh.

(Photo taken by Lomography Pop-9 loaded with Agfa Precisa CT 100, cross processed.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

living my life, in the UK.

hello everybody.
no i did not forget my blog, of course. :)
spent almost three weeks for settling down, and i am still at the settling down stage. lol.

well, UK is good.
i was very impressed by the civic consciousness that the UK people have.

classes have started. as the chinese saying goes, things are tough at the beginning.
i'm trying my very best to adapt. aiks.

haven't been to many places in the UK tho.
to be precise, i have only been to the nottingham city and birmingham. lol.
nottingham city is boring (i think) and birmingham is heaven for me. (my friends said because i have not seen london yet.)

a sneak peak of photos taken in birmingham :)

departure. taken in broadmarsh. :D this is not in birmingham tho. it's nottingham. haha.

one of my favourite photos.

contradiction of modern and traditional architecture. the bullring and st martin's church.

st martin's. taken from the ground level. :)

the bullring market.

(all photos taken with Olympis E-PL1, 16:9 format, some with pinhole art filter.)