Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30-Hour Famine 2009


Picture taken during 30-Hour Famine 2009 in Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium last month.
yea, it's a multiple exposure piece.

p/s - oh hey, i can upload photos now! but sloooooooooooooooowly. well, going home tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

study, again.

yup, i'm not updating my blog as much as i did.
because i have started my new semester, again.
6 modules, as usual. but they're tougher of course.
i'm so depressed now.

i have developed my long accumulated films, 7 rolls of it.
but i just couldn't upload them to any photostream because of the internet connection here.
so very sorry. >.<

p/s - 又再一次不小心了吗?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

that is so cool!

my mukie nudged me in MSN and asked me whether I have watched the Black Eyed Peas video.
I was like, 'Eh? what so special about BEP's video?'
till she sent me this.

i was seriously, amazed.

super awesome, right?!
nice video, anyway.

p/s - please tell me i saw the wrong name or wrong room number. but no matter what, as papa said, i'm an optimistic one. =D

Thursday, September 24, 2009



nice sunset, hor? [please agree with me, please please.]
this photo was taken in The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.

aiks. will be going back campus in like, 2 days time?
and will need to start studying in 3 days time.

oh hello everybody, i'm officially a civil engineering year 2 student.
wish me best of luck in this coming new semester.

p/s - mama said, "HUH? you've been accompanying me since june and now you're going back to campus?" with the expression =( awwwww. mommy mommy, no worries okay, i will still be your best shopping companion, no matter what. muahaha. =D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

black and white.


a black and white shot taken by Holga 135 BC with Kodak TMax 3200.

i have abandoned this album of photos quite some time because i found most of the photos were not well-scanned when i got them from the photo lab. but i didn't take the initiative to re-scan it again though.

until yesterday, i found this picture. and i love it. i soon realized that, many things may not be special or great, but they still worth the attention.

look around, and you'll realize, like i did. =D

p/s - BROS collaborates with World Vision Malaysia and has launched two limited edition designs of water bottle. For each bottle sold, RM 1 will be donated to World Vision. for more information, *click here*. Never underestimate on what RM 1 can do, it can make a difference. =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my mukie.

this is a blog post for my best-est friend, lee soo huay who is turning 21 today.


dear lee soo huay a.k.a. muk muk a.k.a. apa a.k.a. muk pa. <--- u have a lot of names hor.
we've known each other for like, 5 or 6 years? LOL.
thanks for always being there for me.
and please say thank you for me always being there for you. =D

how amazing, both from different school, different band, different area. till we are now, very super de good friends.
i remember those times, when i had problems, i would just call u or skype you, and cried on the phone.
and i remember you did the same thing too. (don't deny lor.)


it's your 21st birthday and i wish you, a very very very super happy birthday!
sang sang seng seng lor, because i guess u gonna get married at the age of 22. LOL!
may all your dreams come true.
and i'm sure our friendship lasts forever.
muacks muacks


your 21st birthday gift? will give you at the year of 2020 can ar?
we said right, by that time we would have a gathering for our ss family. =P

p/s - everybody please leave a message for my muk muk and wish her happy birthday! hahaha. and of course, Happy Birthday to Yin Jen too. =D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

this is life * 这就是人生


we smile, and we cry.

we walk, and we stop.

we speak, and we listen.

we climb, and we fall.

we grow, and we respect.

we hate, and we love.

we born, and we die.

we take, and so we give.

giving isn't really hard, if we see life like this.

well, things in life are always double-sided, aren't they?

this is life.

p/s - 学会了付出,发觉,要放手其实也不难?因为,放手也是付出的一种。well, giving up is also a way of giving. so when you learn to take something, be prepared to give up, as you may lose it, anytime.
(是怕受伤害吧,所以才有其感想。 =D this is life. )

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wah waH wAH WAH!

P'Eoo nudged me in MSN this morning and sent me this.
this is his team's performance during the Thailand Drumline Contest.
and guess what? They got the champion!

it's freaking awesome and cool hor?

p/s - for your info, P'Eoo was my Thai friend who used to coach Chomsurang's percussion. and again I would say, I miss those times during KLWMBC 2008. =)

Monday, September 7, 2009




p/s - i'm back, my friends. stupid streamyx refused to send a technician to fix my area's internet problem until today. stupid right?
some random updates about me - I just dislike Coach now because they made my mom's handbag even dirtier when they supposed to provide so called cleaning service. and I just like Louis Vuitton a lot a lot. but, you and I know that I will not have the money to buy. LOL. and, I finally bought a pair of Hello Kitty Crocs after 3 visits to Crocs 1 Utama. don't tease me okay, I really find them really really cute. =D