Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my mukie.

this is a blog post for my best-est friend, lee soo huay who is turning 21 today.


dear lee soo huay a.k.a. muk muk a.k.a. apa a.k.a. muk pa. <--- u have a lot of names hor.
we've known each other for like, 5 or 6 years? LOL.
thanks for always being there for me.
and please say thank you for me always being there for you. =D

how amazing, both from different school, different band, different area. till we are now, very super de good friends.
i remember those times, when i had problems, i would just call u or skype you, and cried on the phone.
and i remember you did the same thing too. (don't deny lor.)


it's your 21st birthday and i wish you, a very very very super happy birthday!
sang sang seng seng lor, because i guess u gonna get married at the age of 22. LOL!
may all your dreams come true.
and i'm sure our friendship lasts forever.
muacks muacks


your 21st birthday gift? will give you at the year of 2020 can ar?
we said right, by that time we would have a gathering for our ss family. =P

p/s - everybody please leave a message for my muk muk and wish her happy birthday! hahaha. and of course, Happy Birthday to Yin Jen too. =D


Loo said...

i am the first! Happy Birthday Muk Muk! I may not know you are but you look good in her fisheye lomo. Tee Hee.

Jhen said...

yay i'm the second! even tho it's my own blog. duh.
Happy Birthday mukie.
and sweeloo, i will take some fisheye photos of yours during your birthday. FOC, ok? lol.

muk said...

swee loooo!!!!!
thanks wooooo!!!!!!
u mean i only nice looking in fisheye la? normal camera den cacat la?
ok!! u good har! becareful har!!!
i know where ur hse is ahhhh!!

Loo said...

yer.. how come u know where i live 1? nvm la, i will wear sexy costumes and wait for you. tee hee hee... I din really notice any normal photo of u.
Oh and if you notice, the 2nd pic looks really really wrong.