Sunday, September 20, 2009

black and white.


a black and white shot taken by Holga 135 BC with Kodak TMax 3200.

i have abandoned this album of photos quite some time because i found most of the photos were not well-scanned when i got them from the photo lab. but i didn't take the initiative to re-scan it again though.

until yesterday, i found this picture. and i love it. i soon realized that, many things may not be special or great, but they still worth the attention.

look around, and you'll realize, like i did. =D

p/s - BROS collaborates with World Vision Malaysia and has launched two limited edition designs of water bottle. For each bottle sold, RM 1 will be donated to World Vision. for more information, *click here*. Never underestimate on what RM 1 can do, it can make a difference. =)

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