Friday, January 23, 2009

Genting Genting Genting

finally said buh-bye to exams on 19th of Jan 2009 3.30p.m.
went to Jusco Cheras Selatan for a sing-k session with my fellow classmates,
sansan, jin, yiheng, samuel, darryl and ian.
as usual, all of us were impressed by YiHeng and Samuel's voice.
ish. they can sing seriously like a singer.
then, the next day. muahahaha
we went to Genting.
duh. what else to do in Genting?
themepark lar!
=.= yea. I was forced to play those stupid things.
[I call it stupid simply because I was so scare of it. =P]

guess what? while we were on the flying dragon, Samuel said something...
"WOW! I'm so lucky that I'm sitting beside a plump girl but not a skinny one."
ish. a compliment?
eleh. whatever la.
I just wanna tell that, I'm the first among the gang for go-cart!
well, nothing to do with skills actually, just that I got a better cart.
=.= their cars basically can't accelerate. hahahaha jin, kesian jin.
I was faster than him for a lap.
tsk tsk tsk. kesian kesian. =P

some of the photos taken in themepark -

san san and I. omgness. I still remember how funny was the boy who was sitting in front of samuel with his expressions. haha.

okay. you can basically ignore my facial expression. I admit, I was quite scare for it. =P

okay. let me introduce to you. left to right - Samuel, me, Jin, SanSan and Sam.

left to right - Sam, Samuel, me, SanSan and Jin.

lol. after themepark and lepak-ing around,
we are finally back to hotel at around.. erm.. 12am? LOL!
I'm not so sure.
then, we had a drinking session. thanks to Sam's vodka. =)
of course the drinking session was accompanied by game.
well, we promised each other not tell tell what we've done during the game.
but I can tell you, Mr. Low Kah Jin got really high after drinking. hahaha.
pitty Charly. Charly gave him a call and basically he was just crapping.
ok ok. we were all crapping to the phone actually.
sorry lah Charly.

lastly, a group photo -

yer. suddenly love u guys so much la. hahaha muacks
anyway, here to say thank you to Mr. Low Kah Jin, who drove us there.
and to Mr. Sam Ng Jun San for the free hotel rooms, cheaper themepark tickets and of course, the vodka. =P

coming soon - mini instax photos! =)

1 comment:

Jin said...

Samuel part i really laugh till beh tahan, haha

no need tedi mentioned u faster than me one lap bah? =.=

im not the only one who got high in that night loh =.=

erm, last, just hope u dont love me too much, hahaha

nice post anyway~