Monday, November 24, 2008

You've got one life, do something... =)

hey guys, World Vision's One Life Revolution(OLR) exhibit is now back to KL after Penang, Kuantan and JB.
For this final stop of OLR, it's held in conjunction with World Aids Day which falls on 1st of December.

here are the details of the exhibit -

Date - 28th of November 2008 - 1st of December 2008
Time - 10a.m. - 10p.m.
Venue - Ground Floor, West Wing, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

"AIDS, the largest humanitarian crisis ever,
3 million people die every year,
250,000 people die every month,
57,533 people die every week,
8,219 people die everyday,
5 people die every minute,
but no statistic can help you understand the suffering of those who are dying of AIDS,
and those who are left behind."

Take a walk in the shoes of a child,
You've got ONE life, do something.


see ya there! =)

Friday, November 21, 2008

my last birthday.

I know I was supposed to write this entry earlier.
but friends, I'm really sorry because I was really lazy busy to blog.

well well.
at 12am of my birthday, I was actually dealing with my courseworks and tutorials.
thanks to those who wished me by sms and call.
wow. too many to be named but I'll try. keke
thanks to
kaiyee, soonming, albert, chiunyik a.k.a. siugaiyik, dennis, keatliong, gary, shiwei, jin, nick, allen, amirah, derek, gates, khaimun, ahsoon, desmond, jaric, bryan, sweeloo, meiyen, favian, yin, sim, celest, sam, leong, chan, kangling, sansan etc etc.
thanks to those who wished me through facebook and MSN.
to those who wished me in class, THANKS! =)
I heart you guys, civil engineering year 1 2008!
and thanks wailam for wishing me in both MSN and his blog. keke.

and of course thanks to those who gave me gifts.
thanks suan for the handmade "benang ball" lol i dunno wat to call tat
thanks shiwei+peiwern+alice for the shih tzu doll.
thanks celest+jo-ann for the mug
thanks desmond for the cute frog air freshener
thanks gates+soonming for the mickey pillow for car.
thanks [the list is long]
kai yee
nick gor gor
albert didi
jin jie jie
xiaokai gor gor
chin lao da
for the surprise party and a big teddy bear i wanted. kekeke..
*will post a photo of the presents soon. promise, ok ok?

let me tell u a bit about the surprise party located in KFC, Semenyih.
albert didi at first told me that he some kinda wanted to date me to KFC.
of course I got scared. and very curious.
so he asked angelol n keatliong along.
i got lagi scared.
LOL. i kept asking where are the others.
until monday afternoon, i met siaw in the SA cafe and he told me,
"See ya tomorrow night."
i was like, HUH?!
then he said,
"oh wrong person."
hahahahaha. and then i knew siaw is actually going too!
till tuesday itself, before going to KFC, i received a sms from xiaokai gorgor asking when are we going.
ha! that time I knew, xiaokai is going too! LOL!

by the time i reached KFC, i saw nick gorgor's car.. lol.
and with a big plastic in the car. i took a close glance at it.
muahaha. i know that would be the present. kekeke [sangat tak tau malu.]
then i met nick gorgor n kaiyee in the store. [well since the moment i know siaw and xiaokai is going, i edi noe nick gorgor n kaiyee confirm will be there too. moreover albert actually told me kaiyee is at home but kaiyee told me she was having a meeting. haiz. sui liao lo! =P]
then, i met chin laoda. [this is expected too since albert didi asked me his phone number like a few weeks ago. LOL.]
then i saw siaw, alex, xiaokai too. [expected as well.]
then, albert didi told me, jin is actually coming too.
OMGness this is seriously so unexpected.
because in the afternoon he acted like he didnt know abt the party.
ish. he's the best actor la.
and OMGness guess who appeared next?
gates + sansan + soonming
sansan acted like didnt know abt the party too.
so she's the best actress.

well, nick gorgor actually cheated me as well.
they actually knew about it earlier.
but nick gor gor still asked me whether i wanna go where to makan for my birthday.
he'll request for me or something.
ish. another acting dumb punya people.
ish ish.

then of course we had great fun there la.
thanks ya guys!
for the wonderful party!

as what i wrote for my MSN personal message,
yee,albert,keatliong,nick,sansan,soonming,gates,jin,alex,siaw,xiaokai,angelol and chin laoda!
kekekeke =)

*guess how many cars went to KFC that day?
answer - 7
mine + nickgorgor's + chinlaoda's + alex + xiaokai + sansan + jin
T.T si beh touched.
thanks guys.
lai, muacks muacks again!

aiks. this is seriously a very plain post.
i shall upload photos some time later, promise ok ok?!

***i've been abandoned lomography for quite some time.
haiz sad la. will take some photos when i really have time.
currently busy with courseworks and tests.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a message to myself.

Happy Birthday to you, Jhen
a year older, a year wiser.

p/s - Happy Birthday to my taiyeye - KhaiMun too!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

words before saying goodbye to 18.

one more day and I will turn to be 19 years old.
just feel like blogging suddenly.

to my family,
I admit that I've done many things which might have hurted you, but I just want to tell you all, I LOVE YOU!
papa mama gorgor gorgor dogdog, I LOVE YOU!

to my friends,
thanks for being there always for me, to share my happiness and tears with me.
I couldn't imagine how life would be if it's without you guys.

wow. this doesn't really sound like a birthday post, eh?

-Things to mention during 18-
1. My Sony Ericsson Z610i got stolen in the KTM. grr grrrrr! =(
2. Dad got me a car! =) muacks daddy!
3. Somebody accidentally hit my car. =( and that was the first time I made a police report!
4. I got myself a new haircut! said buh bye to my long hair! =)
5. I volunteered myself for World Vision's One Life Revolution. (and gonna volunteer myself again by 1128)
6. I worked as a Liaison Officer for Chomsurang Upatham Marching Band during the Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 2008!
7. I started my life as a Civil Engineering Year One student. (ya, UG life sucks!)

hmmm I found the above 7 things are pretty lame. but I just wanted to tell you I had both happiness and sadness for my 18 life.
and yea, now I look back, I know I've gone through all that.
proud of myself neh.

"a year older, a year wiser"
I saw this quote from don't-know-where, and I really like it.
by tomorrow I will be a year older,
and I hope I could grow wiser. =)
as mom said, I'm no longer a little girl. kekeke.

here comes my birthday wishlist
[please control me from making it like my Mega Sales Shopping List. =.=]
1. I wish my family and friends to be in pink of health always.
2. I wish I could score well in my exams, never ever disappoint anyone especially my parents. =)
3. I wish for world peace. no wars, more care. =)
4. I wish I could meet my cup of tea soon. =)
5. I wish to grow wiser of course. [no more growing physically please. >.<)
6. I wish to receive a huge teddy bear as my future birthday gift! =P (of course by my future "him" XD)
5. I wish for more pocket money. LOL! (I want a pair of new sneakers, new jeans, new bag etc etc.. XD)

and the list goes on-lah......


since mama said there's superstition saying stating our age as 19 isn't a good thing,
so I'm going to say,

"HELLO 20~"


*ish. 20 sounds really old for me. aiks.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Camera - Holga 135 BC
Film - Fuji Provia Expired

the disability sign.
this is the only picture I found related to what I'm doing now.
Monday was the kickoff day for our conceptual design project and my group is working on Health and Lifestyle Club.
argh. the project at first sounded quite easy.
but later we found that there're really a lot for us to research about.
like the disability services, environmental issues, practicality, traffic flow etc etc.
have been reading on some articles 2 hours ago.
and now I'm so exhausted.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

the recent me.

life has been quite hectic recently.
3 on going courseworks,
1 for Hydraulics
1 for Math
1 for Engineering Communication -AutoCad.
I have done only one and left with two.
gotta force myself not to sleep in the afternoon anymore.
I seriously need to study!

well. I'm glad that I still able to get some entertainment even though my life is hectic.
went to Mid Valley with friends on the Saturday.
watched "Ten Promises to My Dog" and it was seriously touching!!
then rushed back to TTS 4 and attended Allen's birthday party.
had really great fun there except for the part those sweaty guys started "attacking" my car.
sigh la. =P
then I went to friend's place to have a "keng gai" session which last for 7 hours.
eh kawan-kawan, how did we actually manage to talk to long huh?
went back to campus at 7am.
slept till 2.30pm. Albert's call woke me up. luckily.

last but not least,
I would like to wish all November babies,
to you, and me!
gonna be 19 by next week! XD

Thursday, November 6, 2008

to share.

有时寂寞太沉重 身边彷佛只是观众 你的感受没有人懂
难得谁自告奋勇 体贴让人格外感动 爱上他前后用不到一分钟

回想恋情的内容 有谁想过有始有终
穿梭一段又另一段感情中 爱为何总填不满又掏不空
很快就风起云涌 人类的心是个无底洞
尝试亲吻尝试拥抱或沟通 没有好感再尝试也没有用
大多数人都相同 喜欢的只是爱情的脸孔
没有谁背后怂恿 不该爱又爱的冲动 是你害怕孤单而拼命补充

was talking about Tanya Tsai with my friends a few days ago.
Ya, her songs are really quite meaningful as the lyrics are really very very true!

take some time and read the lyrics above, don't ya think so it happens in you?


love it.

Camera - Holga 135 BC
Film - Fuji Provia Expired


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

to share.

Camera - Fisheye No. 2
Film - Agfa Pro Pack

the bridge in my university.
I personally think this is a very romantic place.
not only for couples, but for friends to hang out.

Camera - Fisheye No. 2
Film - Agfa Pro Pack

my hall - Redang Hall.
please. I wanna move out of campus by next year! the rental is seriously killing me my dad!

life's seriously hectic.
as I'm slacking down, I seriously need to force myself to study more often!
so much to do, so little time! =(

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


my friend, WaiLam kept asking me to post more lomographics.
here is one.

Camera - Holga 135 BC Film- Fuji Provia Expired

I know if SanSan sees this, she sure gonna say....


Monday, November 3, 2008

University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.

I'm in UNMC for like, 1 year + and I realized that I never really posted a photo of my own uni.
so here it is.

camera - Holga 135 BC
film - Fuji Provia Expired.

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the feel of Provia slides. =)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

thanks Mayday for this great song.