Sunday, November 16, 2008

words before saying goodbye to 18.

one more day and I will turn to be 19 years old.
just feel like blogging suddenly.

to my family,
I admit that I've done many things which might have hurted you, but I just want to tell you all, I LOVE YOU!
papa mama gorgor gorgor dogdog, I LOVE YOU!

to my friends,
thanks for being there always for me, to share my happiness and tears with me.
I couldn't imagine how life would be if it's without you guys.

wow. this doesn't really sound like a birthday post, eh?

-Things to mention during 18-
1. My Sony Ericsson Z610i got stolen in the KTM. grr grrrrr! =(
2. Dad got me a car! =) muacks daddy!
3. Somebody accidentally hit my car. =( and that was the first time I made a police report!
4. I got myself a new haircut! said buh bye to my long hair! =)
5. I volunteered myself for World Vision's One Life Revolution. (and gonna volunteer myself again by 1128)
6. I worked as a Liaison Officer for Chomsurang Upatham Marching Band during the Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 2008!
7. I started my life as a Civil Engineering Year One student. (ya, UG life sucks!)

hmmm I found the above 7 things are pretty lame. but I just wanted to tell you I had both happiness and sadness for my 18 life.
and yea, now I look back, I know I've gone through all that.
proud of myself neh.

"a year older, a year wiser"
I saw this quote from don't-know-where, and I really like it.
by tomorrow I will be a year older,
and I hope I could grow wiser. =)
as mom said, I'm no longer a little girl. kekeke.

here comes my birthday wishlist
[please control me from making it like my Mega Sales Shopping List. =.=]
1. I wish my family and friends to be in pink of health always.
2. I wish I could score well in my exams, never ever disappoint anyone especially my parents. =)
3. I wish for world peace. no wars, more care. =)
4. I wish I could meet my cup of tea soon. =)
5. I wish to grow wiser of course. [no more growing physically please. >.<)
6. I wish to receive a huge teddy bear as my future birthday gift! =P (of course by my future "him" XD)
5. I wish for more pocket money. LOL! (I want a pair of new sneakers, new jeans, new bag etc etc.. XD)

and the list goes on-lah......


since mama said there's superstition saying stating our age as 19 isn't a good thing,
so I'm going to say,

"HELLO 20~"


*ish. 20 sounds really old for me. aiks.

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